My Friend Casey Replaced Barbie

Since Casey is the one who helped me set this up, I’m going to start off with a memory concerning her. In my senior year of high school, I had the great privilege of driving my friend Casey to school. Actually, the story is that the following conversation happened one day in June when Casey realized that her older sister Gretna was graduating and wouldn’t have a ride to school.  “Hey Tim, you drive, right?” “Yeah.” “Good, you can drive me to school next year.” And then Casey walked away. So, come September, I was driving Casey to school.

Anyway, driving Casey to school was, well, fun (if I don’t say that I’m afraid she’ll kill me, just like mentioning my sister’s age). Casey’s style, however, was very…inconsistent, in a way. She was able to pull off  various outfits from different styles and still look good, but not be classified as any one type of person. Here is a list of the general versions of Casey that I saw during that year.

Cowgirl Casey: Cowgirl Casey wore some sort of plaid shirt and had two braids at either side of her head.

Sporty Casey: Sporty Casey mostly wore a sporty sweatshirt and some sort of matching pants and had her hair out of her face.

Preppy Casey: Preppy Casey wore, well, preppy clothes, and had her hair neatly placed out of her face.

Skanky Casey: The one outfit of Casey’s that was the most immodest was a spaghetti-strapped shirt, blouse (whatever it’s called, don’t know, I’m a guy).

Band Casey: Now, I never drove Marching Band Casey to school, but I did see her play in the marching band a lot during football games along with most of my other friends, so I feel that Marching Band Casey deserved a spot on this list.

Lazy Casey: Lazy Casey just woke up five minutes ago and had her hair in her face.

So, all you people who know Casey (and who don’t for that matter) need to be help me find a way to market the new Barbie. Look for the Casey doll coming soon.


8 Responses

  1. Sporty Casey also lugged around a giant duffel bag filled to the brim with softball equipment and wielded a bat. Not a good day to cross her.

  2. Well, I guess Softball Casey can fit into Sporty Casey though it is a bit more like Band Casey as a specific style of a thing rather than a generic all encompassing type.

    And yea, totally Casey with the “You will be driving me, kthxbye.” Luckily for you she got her car and license not long after that. ^_^

  3. Also I think Lazy Casey would have thrown her hair in a messy bun or in a clip…not hanging in my face. 😉

    • Yes, Lazy Casey did that. But that would be after she got in the car after the impatient car honk. 🙂 So the Lazy Casey doll comes with a clip in her hand.

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  5. Oh and you were paid for your chauffeur services.

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