Random Day

Today is Random Day on “Timothy Types TMI” and so with that brings a bunch of random thoughts and ideas.

First, I need to recap last week. I decided, after a long conversation with a couple of friends that continued over a period of a few days, I’d use my creative juices to create the Big Brother -VHS episodes (which have been a lot of fun writing). The concept is based off the idea of the tv show Big Brother where contestants enter a house and vote each other out one by one. For this edition, I am using people from my high school days. That’s right, I said this edition. I may go on and use different people from different eras (however short they were) of my life. 🙂 But, I’m really excited about the interest that has been garnered with my fake BB-VHS from half the ‘contestants’. This may turn into something more interesting yet.

Second, I went running on Friday, Saturday, and today. The only words I have concerning that are “Ouch!” I am so sore, but that’s partially because for the first umpteen+ years of my life I was lazy. Ok, I’m still lazy, don’t get me wrong. But, in my endless efforts to lose weight, I’m going to give it a better shot. Mary and I enjoy taking Lizzie swimming at the pool in our condo community. And, since I don’t think too many people enjoy the excess flab hanging from my sides (I know I don’t), I am going to do my best to get rid of it. Of course, it’s too late for the Summer to lose weight (the goal for the majority of people). However, I’m going to take advantage of what I can to rid myself of as much excess flab as I can.

Third, this past weekend was actually one of the best ones that I’ve had in a while. On Thursday, Mary and I had some friends over Jeremy and Juliana. We played a game and hung out. It was a nice relaxing end to my work week. Friday, I was awaken but an unhappy 3-year old little girl and an unholy hour. But, then Friday Mary and I reorganized our food storage (our games) and got the majority into our master closet. Now we can actually house a decent food storage. And, most importantly, we all got naps. We also got to have lunch with our friend Amber and her daughter Rory. Saturday, we all went to get our “Check Engine” light looked at (supposedly, I didn’t put the gas cap on tight enough and this caused a sensor to go off. The first time fixed is fine, but next time it happens it’s $55. Isn’t that ridiculous?). Then we went to Deseret Book where I got this cool LDS inspirational book called…k, can’t recall, but it’s an interesting read thus far. Then we ran a few errands, went home, and got naps again. After that, we decided to go swimming where we ended up hanging out with Amber and her daughter Rory again who were at the pool as well. Lizzie had a lot more fun this time than she has in times past. Sunday we had a good day at church. Afterward, I was lucky to get a nap (which I didn’t mean to do, but oh well). We then went to Mary’s parents’ for dinner, games, and a family birthday party for Lizzie. Today, I’m back at work, but after the long weekend, it’s not too bad.

Well, I guess that’s random enough for now. Tomorrow is Memory Day on Timothy Types TMI. What memory will I use? Hmm…wait and see. 🙂


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