Big Brother-VHS Week 2

With Tim in power this week, he had to question who he’d nominate very carefully. With his alliance with James and Casey in tact he wanted to have some backup just in case something went awry. Kimmy and Maggie became the next choice seeing as those two had created a good friendship. Maggie and Kimmy agreed to observe what the house thought of Tim before the nominations in order to assist him in deciding who was safe. James and Casey had also agreed to do that.

But, this early week in the BB-VHS season ended up becoming more explosive than previous ones. First, Maggie tried to sit and talk to Britt. Whatever was said early in their conversation was irrevelant, but they yelling and swearing that went on before the two tall girls would make any guy want to throw jell-o or mud at them. It was a vicious verbal battle finally ended when Jon and James got involved.

Next, Pat and Casey got into a spat when he tried, once again unsuccessfully to hit on her. Despite her polite rejection, Pat took it personally. Words flew between these two that no one thought they’d hear between the soft-spoken loveable dork and the religious, but vocal chick. This one ended with Casey rushing to the HoH room and locking the door. “Nominate Pat!” she said to Tim.

Then Ariel and Kimmy went at it over, get this, Kimmy’s weight. Kimmy complained she’d gained 3 pounds since entering the BB-VHS house and Ariel got very offended at small Kimmy’s ‘weight problem’. Kimmy didn’t think she’d been whining but the two skinny girls argued on who was truly fatter (I mean seriously, have you seen how fat I am?)

And finally, Jon and James got into a small argument concerning Kimmy. Both had been flirting with her, and of course, she used her attractive nature to flirt with both of them, not really interested in either one. The argument ended with James walking away before it became too heated, but it was very much noticed by the rest of the house.

So, with all these events happening in such a short time, Tim sat down to decide who to nominate. He thought about each person individually. What had happened. Four arguments between 8 people gave Tim a lot of targets. But, what bothered him most was that only half the house had visited him during his time as HoH.  So, deciding that some people weren’t really playing the game, Tim knew who to nominate.

Nomination ceremony #2: Tim brought down the large key-box that held each key that was waiting to be pulled to reveal which houseguests were safe. Tim stood there ready to give his speech while the rest of the houseguests sat at their large table. He didn’t really say much that gave away his nominations before he pulled out the first key. “Ariel, you are safe.” Ariel thanked Tim and stood up to pull out the next key. “Kimmy, you are safe.” Sweetly, Kimmy stood up and pulled out the next key. “James, you are safe.” James next pulled out Jon’s key. Emily’s key was then pulled out, followed by Bruce’s. Maggie’s key was pulled next and lastly, Casey’s was pulled, giving her a sigh of relief. Tim explained his nomations. “Britt and Pat, it’s been a long time since you’ve come and had a conversation with me. Whether about the game or about anything else for that matter. Paranoid that you’re coming after me, I’ve nominated the two of you.”

PoV challenge #2: Tim, Britt, and Pat stood ready to draw their names for the challenge. Tim drew first: James. Britt drew next: Kimmy. And finally Pat: Ariel. The game they played was an interesting one. The backyard looked like something out of a Vegas casino. There were slots to the sides, a craps table, a roulette table, and six blackjack tables, each with the players’ names on them. Casey was chosen to host this event and stood explaining how the game would be played out. Each of the six would be playing 21 BB-VHS style. Each player was competing against one another instead of a dealer. Whoever ended up furthest from 21 whether or not they went over would be eliminated. The cards would remain face down, except for the ‘hit’ cards. On the first round, James was eliminated, busting out with 25. For the second round, it was Britt who went next with a low of 16. Kimmy was out third when she hit 27. Pat was pleased up until the next round when he went out with 12 while Tim and Ariel both had 19. On the final round, there was a change in the game. The contestants were not permitted to go over. Bluffing her way with a 16, Ariel convinced Tim to go over (which he was happy to do, thinking she wouldn’t use the PoV). So Ariel became the 2nd Power of Veto winner.

PoV ceremony #2: For time and lengthe we’ll cut to the chase. Both Pat and Britt made promises that if Ariel were to take them off the block, they would keep her safe for the next week if she got on the block. Deciding not to anger Tim nor put a target on her back, Ariel decided not to use the Power of Veto to save either person.

Eviction #2: So, tensions and lies flared as Britt tried to convince others to vote out Pat and vice-versa. Tim really wasn’t sure what he would do if the votes ended in a tie. And he had to figure out who was voting where. Using his two alliances, he figured out that there was a 4-4 tie and he would have to break it. He decided to find a way to break that tie. Kimmy and Maggie both stated that they would be voting out Pat and Tim decided to use that information to sway one of their votes. Kimmy left the HoH room stating that she wouldn’t vote against Britt since Britt had become her friend. So Tim turned on Kimmy after she left. “You don’t really want to keep Britt, do you?” he asked Maggie. Maggie shook her head. “But I’m sticking with my alliance.” So, Tim sort of threw Kimmy under the bus. “If Kimmy and Britt are friends where does that put you and Kimmy. If it was the final three would Kimmy keep Britt over you?” This gave Maggie something to think about, which was what Tim wanted. Now, on to the votes. James went first, sticking with Tim and voting for Britt. Going against her alliance and for her gut, Casey voted out Pat. Kimmy then stuck to her friend and voted out Pat. Jon also went in and voted out Pat. Bruce voted for Britt having been annoyed with her from day one, fearful that she was coming after him if Britt were to win the next HoH. Ariel voted for Britt having a good friendship with Pat. Emily didn’t like the way Britt had talked down Pat and voted for her. So, it was up to Maggie to force Tim to vote out Britt or just do it for him. Deciding that she could trust Tim better than Britt, Maggie conceded and voted out Britt. So in the end, the votes were announced: 5-3, Britt was voted out. Annoyed, Britt gave hugs to Kimmy, Casey, and Jon and then walked out of the house.

HoH #3: This competition was called Stairs. Each of the nine eligible houseguests (Tim not permitted to play since he was outgoing HoH) stood at the bottom of a set of six stairs. They were all blindfolded and they each held a red paddle in their right hand, a green one in their left. They were asked a series of questions and if the answer was true, they held up the green paddle. If it was false, they held up the red one. Whoever reached the top stair first would win HoH for the week. After four rounds, Casey, Emily, and Jon were on the fourth stair. Ariel, Kimmy, Maggie, Pat, and James were on the third stair. Bruce was on the second step. After the fifth round, Casey and Emily were on the fifth step. Jon, Ariel, Kimmy, and Maggie were on the fourth stair. Pat, James, and Bruce were on the third. On the sixth question, Casey and Emily both got it right. For the tie-breaker they were asked, in ounces and without going over, what is the combined total of the weight of the remaining houseguests. Emily guessed 15,000. Casey guessed 18,503. The correct answer: over 22,500 ounces. Congrats go to Casey for randomly winning the 3rd HoH.

(Just to let you know, this is where the game gets real. I have used one of my co-workers to randomly decide who won this HoH. This chosen person then gets the real opportunity to nominate who they will by Friday night. Also, someone will randomly be chosen to win the Power of Veto. That winner will be given the opportunity to veto one of the nominations, forcing the HoH to name a replacement nominee if that takes place. If the PoV goes to a nominee, it will automatically be used on that nominee. Then sometime on Monday I will be posting all of this, to keep shorter posts. The final nominees will be named and by Wednesday night, all non-nominated people have the opportunity to contact me and give me their vote. Also, if the HoH doesn’t make nominees, I’ll make them for them. The game’s real now. Of course, if some don’t wish to participate, I will decide their vote for them, because hey, I gotta keep entertaining with my fake stories here.)


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