TJ or Tim or Timothy

So, I actually had considered doing this topic earlier, but I decided to hold off. Some friends from California are like “Why TJ?” while friends from Utah have the same thought with the name Tim. So, today’s topic could be subtitled “The History of My Name.” (Notice for those interested, I ramble a lot.)

Let’s start at the beginning. My parents were so certain that they were going to have a girl that my name was originally going to be Kimberly Laurel. For some strange reason, that name just didn’t fit when I was born. So, my parents came up with the name Timothy Joseph. I guess I’m sort of named for a guy my dad knew as a kid named ‘Tim’. I am the only one in my family with both names coming from the Bible, my brother Eric’s middle name is biblical as well. For my LDS readers, I’m the only one in my family with any name in the Book of Mormon, and both of them are in there.

Anyway, my dad didn’t think I looked like a Tim or a Timothy. So, he initially called me T.J. My maternal grandfather also started calling me T.J. Well, after a while, I grew into Tim. At least that’s what my dad says, I think he just lost to the other 4 members of my family calling me Tim. 😉 Regardless, my grandfather called me T.J. until he died when I was 11.

Now there were two other names I have been known by since I was born. The obvious Timmy. Yuck! There are very few people that can get away with calling me this. The last four people that I recall hearing me call me Timmy are my paternal grandfather, my sister, my dad, and oddly enough, Kelly Espinoza. I have no idea why, but the last few times she called me this, I cringed and dealt with it. Even stranger, I’ve never really truly known Kelly that well and she’ll probably never read this blog, but it’s just interesting to have someone random. Anyone calling me Timmy beware of my wrath!

The other name I’ve been known by is Eem. I couldn’t say Tim when I was young and I referred to myself as Eem. I also couldn’t say Apryl and called my sister Apmo instead. Apryl is the only one who ever called me Eem. Possibly because that’s what she and her friends would call me. We don’t use these names that common, but they’re occassionally there.

Ok, so, back to Tim and T.J. Well, from the time I was ten I told people that they had to call me Tim. Well, when I was a teenager, I missed having people call me Tim. I couldn’t get away with telling everyone to call me T.J., I just wasn’t cool enough.But for some reason, I always liked T.J. better than Tim. For my 18th birthday, my mom bought me a necklace with charms of T and J. Somehow between that time and when I went on my mission I lost the J. I took the necklace off everytime I went to shower and during one of these morning rituals I lost it. Grrr! Well, on my mission, I decided to introduce myself as Elder T.J. Bronley. So, all my mission buddies know me as T.J. instead of Tim.

When I got back from Belgium/France, I went to a singles ward for church, intending to make new friends with my new name. The outcome, I didn’t even get to give it a try. The first person I saw, knew me from before my mission and automatically started calling me Tim. Oh well. But, less than a year later, I finally got my name change when I moved to Moen Hall at Utah State University. Not a single person there knew me as Tim, so they all called me T.J. It was great.

Now, I really don’t mind people from California calling me Tim. I don’t mind people from Utah/mission calling me T.J. But if you ever cross the lines between the two………………………………………………………..

(FYI: BB-VHS players and fans, the next installment of the game will take place on Monday. Instead of slowing going week-by-week, we’ll just get the game going on.)


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  1. When I was a baby I could not say Gretna so she became Agua — but the name never stuck.

    Also, I absolutely REFUSE to refer to you as anything other than Tim.

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