Back to Me

Ok, since the majority of the people I know reading this blog are from my high school days, I’m going to go with another memory from that time frame. Also, it made me smile when one of my good high school friends, Maggie, told me that I make her happy with my whole BB-VHS. My ego’s too big not to take that compliment and run with it. And run with it I shall. Today’s memory is how the title of this post, Back to Me, became a common phrase my junior year of high school.

For 4th period of my junior year of high school, I was a T.A. Not just any T.A. I was a teacher’s assistant for Mrs. Schroeder, one of the most loved teachers at VHS (as long as you’ve had her in a class). Anyway, that period, she taught French I. My friend Kimmy was in that class and so was a friend of hers, Maggie, whom she’d known since elementary school (unless I’m wrong and missing something). Anyway, Maggie and Kim sat next to each other. And since Kim is my ‘sister’ I would always sit behind them during class in my T.A. chair. During verbal exercises I’d have to help students here and there. Well, Maggie and I have one thing in common, we always feel that whatever we have to say, should be said and heard above all other’s opinions. Because, in all honesty, everyone is entitled to my opinion.

Well, it was during one of these discussions that the topic of boyfriends/girlfriends was brought up. Half of the ‘verbal’ time was spent on me and my girlfriend at the time. But Maggie was very concerned on, well, I can’t remember now. Anyway, she started talking and then asked a question. That’s the wrong thing to do to someone who rambles. So, of course, I started talking and someone switched subjects to something concerning to Kim and her latest boyfriend. Well, Maggie wasn’t happy with the flow of the conversation. So she interrupted by saying, “Ok, don’t care.” And then she took her hands, made them go in a large circle towards Kim and I, and said, “Back to me.” Forever since, this has been an inside joke between Maggie, Kim, and I (mostly whenever Maggie and I or all three of us are together). It’s a very vain thing to say. Oh well.

*singing* “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is…”


3 Responses

  1. Haha! I’ve seen Marita do that. 😀

    “The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane.”
    ~ Mark Twain

  2. BACK TO ME!!!! I was half expecting you to tell about the time you smacked her over the head with a spiral notebook. 😉

  3. Yeah, that was a good story too….I just don’t remember it. Why did I smack her over the head?

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