Big Brother-VHS Week 4

It was an interesting week (or few days or whatever) in the Big Brother-VHS house. Ariel, one of the most loved people in the Big Brother house, became the most feared. She was now in control of someone’s game.

At first, everyone made nice to her, but when it came to nominations, she was concerned who her allies were. Emily didn’t seem to worry that Ariel had one HoH and just chatted pleasantly with her. Ariel promised her safety for the week. Emily agreed that there seemed to be too many big players in the house, and that’s what Ariel was trying to decide, who the big players were and get rid of them.

Feeling threatened, Jon and Bruce went up to Ariel to see how she felt about them. Not concerned by these guys, Ariel told them that she wasn’t sure what she was going to do. However, Jon had not spoken very much to her lately. Bruce and her had garnered a good friendship, but she felt almost threatened by Jon. When Tim and Kimmy went up to her, they really weren’t sure what Ariel was going to do. She assured them that her targets were the bigger guys. Tim automatically realized that she meant James and Jon.

With this ‘paranoia’ concept, Tim went up to James, concerned for his allies safety. This caused James to go to the HoH room and asked why he was being nominated. James confessed that it was an assumption that Tim had made based off something she had said. Ariel had to reply by telling James that Tim needed to keep his mouth shut more, causing a tiny spar between Ariel and James, since James assumed he was being nominated still.

Nominations ceremony #4: Ariel stood proudly behind the key box. “If any of you thought I wasn’t competitive enough for this game, think again.” With that, she pulled the first key from the box. “Casey, you are safe.” Casey pulled out Emily’s key and told her she was safe as well. Kimmy’s key was pulled next, and then Maggie’s. This caused the four guys to look at one another concerned at losing another guy in the game. Maggie pulled Bruce’s key and Bruce finally pulled Tim’s. “Jon and James, I’ve nominated you two because I view you as the biggest threats to the game. You’re both competitive and good at competition.” And with that, the meeting was adjourned.

Power of Veto #4: Players were picked for the POV. Ariel drew Emily’s name. Jon drew Kimmy’s name. And James drew Maggie’s name. Ariel was pleased with who the players were for the PoV, knowing that none of the three chosen would use the Power of Veto. The six of them went into the backyard to find a garden. Each of the contestants was dressed like a flower. They were placed on flower beds where they had to sit and get watered and other things to help to grow. But, they had to sit in a freakishly large flower pot for one hour without using watches and such. Whoever got out of the game closest to the hour mark without going past an hour, wins the game. The first part wasn’t so bad, the six contestants were sprinkled with water. Then they were doused with water.  Dirt soon followed. But then it was announced that what dirt was complete without worms. Before the small slimy creatures could fall, Kimmy and Emily were out of their pots. Kimmy commented: “I really didn’t want the veto. Being tortured with worms was not in my best interest of the game.” A few minutes later, the contestants were covered with compost, at which Maggie jumped out. The final three sat there not talking to one another. After what felt like forever, James finally decided he was done and figured he was close enough to an hour. Jon, thinking that an hour was upon him, got out and Ariel got out after that. And then the times were revealed in order of departure. Kimmy: 15 min 22 sec. Emily: 15 min 23 sec. Maggie: 25 min 14 sec. James: 1 hr 09 min 18 sec. Jon: 1 hr 10 min 01 sec. Ariel: 1 hr 10 min 05 sec. This meant that Maggie, with the time of 25 min 14 sec was closest to one hour without going over.

Power of Veto Ceremony #4: With Maggie in control of James and Jon’s safety, she sat with Ariel to discuss what the plan was. Ariel said she really didn’t mind who was gone, just as long as it was one of those two guys. They were too much of a threat. So, Maggie became curious to see what James and Jon had to offer so she could save one of them. James said he had nothing against Maggie and if she chose to use it on him, it’d be an honor. Jon said that she should use it on him and that he wouldn’t nominate her if he became the next HoH. Maggie was very skeptical with the offer and was flattered by both guys’ words. However, she decided that she wouldn’t use the Power of Veto.

Eviction #4: Bruce told Jon that he had his back, but was having difficulty garnering any votes. Bruce said, “It’s hard to vote out James, but I’ve been closer to Jon from the get go.” Tim on the other hand was trying to get votes to get rid of Jon. “James has been a good friend in the house, and I think he’ll make a better ally.” Kimmy added, in her indifference, “they’re both big competitors, so either one gone is good.” And then it came down to time to vote. Ariel, looking to get rid of a competitor, wasn’t pushing for either one to go.  So, Bruce went and voted first. “I vote to evict James.” Then Tim. “I vote to evict Jon.” Followed by Emily. “I vote to evict James.” Followed by Maggie. “I vote to evict Jon.” Followed by Casey. “I vote to evict Jon.” Kim, who had been the most impartial in all this, cast the final vote. “I vote to evict Jon.” By a vote of 4-2: Jon was evicted from the Big Brother house.

Head of Household Competition #5: Ariel was not permitted to compete in this HoH competition as the outgoing HoH. This left Bruce, Casey, Emily, James, Kimmy, Maggie, and Tim to vie for the coveted HoH. They stood in a semi-circle and were asked a question. Whoever buzzed in first got to answer it. If that person got it wrong, they were eliminated. If they got it right, they got to eliminate someone else. The first question was answered immediately by Bruce. He chose Casey to leave the game. James got the next one and chose Emily to go. Maggie got the next one and chose Bruce to go. Tim got the next one and chose Maggie to go. James got the next one and eliminated Kimmy. This left Tim and James as the final two. James got it right and won the HoH.

Who will James nominate? And who will be the next to go? Tune in Monday for the next episode of BB-VHS!


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