So, I’m steering from my normal Memory Tuesday post because, let’s face it, I’m random like that. That, and this is on my mind a lot lately. Entitlement is the most annoying thing in the world to me. I hate it when I act like I am entitled to something. Yeah, this coming from the spoiled member of his family. But my point stands, entitlement is the most selfish thing in the world. To me, the 21st century meaning to entitlement is “I want it, I should have it, and I shouldn’t have to do anything for it.” People in the 21st century think they’re entitled to so much, without having to do it.

Did you go to school? Did you ever think the teacher should just say, “Ah, you tried, you get an A”? Or how about, “Good job showing up today, you get an ‘A’ for the rest of the year and don’t need to show up again”? How awesome would that be? It’d be so awesome that I’d have to kill myself since this would be the person running the future. Too many people nowadays don’t want to try hard or work hard to get something. They just want it and want it now. Thanks internet. You know the whole “When I was a kid” concept. Well, when I was a kid I did and got whatever I wanted. I still pretty much do whatever I want. But to get something I want, I have to earn it, a concept my parents tried to teach me but gave up on since I was so selfish and entitled growing up.

If I could write a book about what I think of the past ten years, it’d be called “Entering the Age of Entitlement”. Why? Because that’s what this society has become, an entitled, no work, all play, society. Sports stars think they should be able to do whatever they want and act like 17-year old high schoolers who think they rule their ‘turf’. Celebrities think they have political say because they’re in front of cameras so they should be able to support what they want and make people think that their opinion is truly thought out and not personal bias. I’ve heard of a teenager who went up to her mom and said “I’m at the mall, come here now and buy me this shirt,” (or something extremely close to it, seriously) and really believed her mom was going to do it. Was I surprised that the mom didn’t go? Nope. I applauded. Yeah, I’m a father and want to give as much as I can to my children. But my wife reminds me, they don’t really need it.

There was a mentality in the 1950s (no, not the whole “Rebel Without a Clue” or whatever it was called mentality). It was this whole “let’s look at our future and do what we can to get there and make it better. Let’s improve ourselves.” What’s the mentality today? “Let’s look at today and see what we don’t have and say ‘I want it now’ and get it. Don’t earn it. Just get it.”

There are two words that I think of with entitled: greed and selfishness. These words combine to make entitlement a reality. When we are greedy, we are looking at materialistic things that we want and how we can acquire them. When we are selfish, we are doing whatever we can to get what we want, ignorant (not innocent) of those needs around us and failing to put wants before needs.

Maybe you missed it, but that point explains the economy’s decline. Entitlement. Why? Well, look at it this way. I don’t want to pay $40,000 for this  car, I think it’s worth only $28,000. So I wait and wait and wait and wait until the price gets there. By that time, the car company is having a huge clearance because it’s closing its doors because no one is buying. I don’t want to have to pay for home phone lines. So I wait and wait and wait until the cost is so low that I have to purchase it just so the company doesn’t go under, but 100,000 people just lost their job because people felt that certain things should be free. See the pattern?

There is far too much entitlement today and it needs to stop. But it’s not going to. People like feeling entitled. Why? They get what they want.

How can I be so blunt and mean about this? Because I think like an entitlist person a lot more than I should. You know the old saying, takes one to know one. Well, it’s true. Unfortunately, as hippocritical as I can be with this, I do my best to not act so entitled.


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