Big Brother-VHS Week 6

(Ok, so no one voted, but I’m fairly certain how the votes would go and am going off of that. So this post won’t be too exciting.)

Bruce was glad to get into power this week. He already had his sights set on his target and made no problem letting them know it. An argument erupted in the living room as Bruce told Casey that she was going to be nominated. Later, in the HoH room, he informed Kimmy that she would be going up as well. Kimmy wasn’t too happy about this and thought that Bruce was just going after the girls.

Nomination Ceromony #6: Bruce got to his ceremony and announced simply, “This won’t come as a surprise to anyone.” Bruce pulled the first key out. “Tim, you are safe.” Tim followed by pulling out Ariel’s key. Ariel pulled out James’ key. James finally pulled out Emily’s key. “Casey and Kimmy, I view the two of you as a threat in the game and you two are too strong of competitors.”

PoV #6: After Bruce’s quick nominations, the Power of Veto players were picked. Tim was the only one who didn’t get to play. The game required the six of the players to be hanging on a bungee cord standing at the top of a tall staircase. They had to jump off, bounce off the ground and reach red, yellow, and blue balls hanging on a pillar in the center. Once grabbing a ball, they had to return to their station and put the ball in their bucket. Blue were worth 1 point, yellow 2, and red 3. They had 6 minutes. Bruce and James powered through the game with Casey holding her own. Ariel, Emily, and Kimmy weren’t doing too well unfortunately. James and Bruce were too big and powerful and were in the way a lot. At the end of the 6 minutes all the balls were scattered on the ground. After the tallies were done, Emily came up with 3 points, Ariel with 7, Kimmy with 8, Bruce with 15, Casey with 18, and James with 24 points.

PoV Ceremony #6: Casey went to quick work on James to see if he’d save her. James said it may look better if he just voted out Kimmy instead of Casey. Kimmy, on the other hand, tried to strike a deal with James. She told him that she wouldn’t nominate him if she became HoH until the final 3. James thought about making a secret deal with her. In the end, he stood at the PoV Ceremony and said “I’ve chosen not to use the power of veto.”

Eviction #6: Kimmy and Casey had difficulty campaigning against one another. Tim decided, despite his alliance with Casey, that he would do his best to save Kim (note to reader: Kimmy and I have known each other for almost 20 years, making her the one non-family person who I’ve had in my life the longest.) Anyway, so Tim tried to talk to Ariel and Emily. Both stated that because Kim was such a sweet girl, she would be tough to beat out in the end. So, Tim went to his other ally to try to vote out their mutual ally. James told Tim that voting Casey out would be ridiculous for his game. Tim stated that everyone in the house seems to like Casey and she’d be tough to beat out in the end, giving James something to think on, knowing that  in a tie, Bruce would vote out Casey. So it came time to vote. Ariel voted out Kimmy. Emily voted out Kimmy. James voted out Kimmy. And with my…ahem…his one sad vote, Tim voted out Casey. By a vote of 3-1 Kimmy was the 6th evictee and the 3rd jury member.

HoH #7: So, for the next HoH, the five contestants (Bruce unable to play) played “Who said it?”. They had a cube that had the pictures of the first six evictees from the Big Brother-VHS game on each side. They’d be given a statement and asked who said it. The first to 5 would hin HoH. After the first 3 questions, there was a three-way tie between Casey, James, and Tim. All three of them, along with Ariel, got the fourth question wrong causing Emily to move up into a four-way tie. Emily and Tim got the fifth question right. The sixth question both Emily and Tim got right. So it came down to a tiebreaker question. Emily got closer to the right answer and therefore, became the next HoH.

Who will Emily nominate? And who will be in the final 5? Find out on Monday. (Getting close to the end).


2 Responses

  1. Lame sauce!

    • Yeah, I was sad as well. You get to pick the winner! But yeah, I’m really sad that you are gone. 😦

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