Big Brother-VHS Week 7

Emily as HoH caused a lot of stir, as the final six were not as tight as they would have liked. Who was Emily going to nominate? She had been the biggest floater in the house and wasn’t a part of any of the alliances. But that didn’t stop everyone from kissing up to her. And that’s what they did as the HoH door became one that revolved with everyone coming in and then going out only to have someone else come in. She was not really certain what her best course of action was going to be.

With Kimmy’s eviction, everyone was sad (I mean, who isn’t?). So, anyway, Emily really wasn’t sure who she’d nominate and decided to just play it safe and go after the two she hadn’t connected with as well.

Nominations #7: Emily brought down the nomination box and said, “Since I can’t nominate myself, I’ve nominated the people I have had the least contact with lately.” Emily pulled the first key out, “Ariel, you are safe.” Ariel pulled out the next key. “Casey, you are safe.” And Casey pulled out the last key. “Tim, you are safe.” With only six houseguests left, this meant that Bruce and James were nominated.

Power of Veto #7: Since six houseguests play in the PoV and only six remained, all the houseguests participated in the PoV. Each of the houseguests was to play a game called “Mashup.” What they had to do was standing in front of a big screen where three houseguests photos were mashed up into one. All 12 original BB-VHS houseguets’ photos were being used. The houseguests had to decipher who was in each picture, grab a name plaque from the wall and place the names next to the screen and then hit a button in the center of the stage. Whoever finished fastest got the PoV. One at a time the Houseguests went into the backyard and looked at the pictures. Bruce went first and thought the pictures looked like some sort of horrible photoshop job. Ariel went second and thought the pictures were so funny she couldn’t stop laughing. Casey went third and did her best not to laugh or make fun of the pictures as she went through them. Tim ignored the overall pictures as he went through it and tried to focus on the individual features. Emily thought it was sad that they ruined everyone’s pics like that. James wanted to laugh, but was too intent on winning the PoV. After James finished the times were revealed. Bruce had a time of 4:54. Ariel’s was 7:55. Casey’s was 2:45. Tim’s was 2:47. Emily’s time was 4:20. And James had a time of 3:32, making Casey the winner of the Power of Veto.

PoV Ceremony: James, Tim, and Casey decided to sit and discuss using the PoV on James. Tim said he really didn’t want to vote Bruce out and figured that if Casey used the PoV on James, that he’d go up. Casey asked if either of them thought Ariel would go up instead of Tim. Tim thought that Emily would go ‘girl power’ and put him up instead. So, Casey went to Emily to see what would happen if she used the PoV. They talked about what the best scenario for Emily would be. Tim later went in to Emily and asked not to be nominated if Casey used the PoV.  In the end, Casey gave James and Bruce a chance to explain why she should use the PoV to save them. After Bruce said he didn’t expect Casey to use it on him and James said it was hers to do what she wanted with, Casey decided that the PoV would be used to save James. Emily then decided to nominate Ariel, again, stating that she was closer to Tim.

Eviction Ceremony: James, Tim, and Casey were left with the power to vote. Bruce had James in his corner and Ariel had Casey. So it was Tim who was stuck in the middle and deciding between two people he’d greatly respected in the game. Bruce and Ariel both were campaigning Tim’s vote. So, it came time to vote. James voted to evict Ariel. Casey voted to evict Bruce. And Tim went to vote and said, “This is for nominating Kimmy, I vote to evict Bruce.” By a 2-1 vote, Bruce was the 7 person evicted from the Big Brother-VHS game.

HoH: Ariel, Casey, James, and Tim stood in a center to play “Before or After” They were given an event in the Big Brother game and then had to state whether that event happened before or after another event in the Big Brother game. After 6 questions, Casey had a one point lead over Tim. On the final question, Casey and Tim both guessed the same thing, both wrong, but Casey ended up with the most points, and became the new HoH.

Only 5 are left now. Ariel, Casey, Emily, James, and Tim. Who’s going next? And ultimately, who’s going to win Big Brother-VHS?


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