Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Once upon a time, I was in Belgium. And in Belgium there was chocolate, a lot of it. I’ve heard arguments for German and Swiss chocolates. I’ve tried German chocolate and it was good. But for some reason, the Belgians have the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted. I recently visited Galler’s website just to check out what good ol’ Galler has to offer. Oh, if I had money, and lots of it, I’d have Galler coming to my door weekly. If I was filthy rich, I’d have a bar a day. I should just tape the bars to my stomach at that point. Of course, being fat for Galler chocolate is good enough for me. They had one called “Coco Blanc” which was a white chocolate coconut bar that was to die for (any of my Belgian mission buddies hopefully know what I’m referring to.) There was a dark chocolate bar that had a vanilla center that I wanted to eat the monitor upon recognizing its nutritionless goodness.

But then I went here and realized that I used to have another Belgian favorite. It’s called Cote d’Or (in the second row if you click in the link). Cote d’Or was one of the first chocolate bars I tasted in Belgium. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for another bite of Cote d’Or or Galler. Cote d’Or was sold (in Belgium anyway) in those big Symphony like sizes. Oh, they were so good.

There was also Leonidas, which I only had one time. My mission president’s wife would give Leonidas as a birthday gift for the missionaries. Well, it was so hard not to eat it all in one sitting. (Can’t recall whether or not I did.) Regardless, Leonidas was just as comparably good. But it ranks third on my list of the most awesome Belgian chocolates.

Galler is so good that I’ve been saying for the last 7 years that I would gladly get on a plane, fly to Brussels, Belgium, then get on a train to Liege (about an hour east), and catch a bus. The bus I want will take me to the Galler chocolate factory where I will proceed to buy as much chocolate as possible. Then I’d ordinarily state that I’d return home. However, there’s more chocolate to get. After Liege, I’d return to Brussels and go to a Delhaize grocery store where I’d buy them out of Cote d’Or (as well as some chocolate covered waffel treats). And then I’d hit Grand Place where there’s a Leonidas store and buy a few more boxes of chocolates. I’d return home, as long as customs didn’t get mad at my chocolate extravaganza, and start eating. Of course, Mary wouldn’t like that all this chocolate was in the house and it’d make me really fat. But hey, if I was this rich, I could afford lypo, right?


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