Big Brother – VHS The Finale

Ok, here it is. The finale. We get to see the final HoH, the final vote out, and the final vote to determine the winner of Big Brother VHS.

Casey, James, and Tim had their alliance from the beginning go all the way to the end. Celebrating, the three sat in the backyard. But it turned to a lot of questions as to who would take whom to the final two. No one was really sure they were going to the final two unless they won the final HoH. And with that, let the games begin.

The final HoH is done in three sections. Whoever wins the first competition automatically goes to the third. The other two battle it out in the second competition. And then the winner of competitions one and two go on to the final competition.

Final HoH part 1: All three Houseguests had to stand on a playground merry-go-round. After about 5 minutes Casey got off and promptly vomited. “I just can’t take this kind of thing.” James and Tim had a stare down as they continued on. After a few more minutes, Tim was taunting James. “You’re looking a little queasy there buddy.” After the speed got cranked up at the 15 minute mark, James told Tim congratulations and got off the ride. Tim was excited he got to compete for the final HoH.

Final HoH part 2: James and Casey had to compete against one another. Suspended, each one of them had to climb around a thing of scaffolding grabbing in order the names of the eliminated houseguests that were painted on flags. Then, they had to go to the other side of the scaffolding to grab similar flags but for the names of the HoHs in order. After both were done, Casey was sure she had done it quick. However, it was James who beat her by 5 seconds.

Final HoH part 3: Tim and James had to sit and listen to complete statements given by voted out houseguests and current jury members. After 3 rounds, Tim was up 2-1. However, Tim got the following three wrong, with James getting them all correct and winning the final HoH at 4-2.

Eviction: James had to name his eviction 5 minutes after the competition ended. Casey and Tim had to sit in the nominee chairs. James stood before them and said. “Alrighty. Well this is a tough decision. I expected to have been voted out earlier in the competition due to my competitive spirit. My vote will try to have no personal attachments. Both of you are my friends, and it’s hard to pick one or the other….
I vote for Tim. Please be gentle on the jury.” And with that Tim was finally voted out of the game. (Haha! He’s gone! Wait…I’m Tim. How did I get voted out of my own game? That’s not right! Whatever!…ok, seriously though, no big deal.)

The final 2 are James and Casey. Let’s get to the winner.

The jury consists of seven members of the most recent evicted houseguests: Jon, Maggie, Kimmy, Bruce, Emily, Ariel, and now Tim  (I still can’t believe it. Voted out of my game! I made this game!) (Ominous voice: Shut up, Tim!).  These people had to make a decision on who to vote to win between James and Casey.

Jon: I vote for Casey, even though she voted me out, she’s the type of person I’d like to have in my wedding.

Maggie: I really hate all of you for voting me out and really should have won. But since I have to vote for one of you, I vote for Casey to win.

Bruce: You know, when I found out that the final three was James, Casey, and Tim, I had hoped that James made it to the end. Casey, you gunned for me for too long. My vote is for James to win.

Tim: I have had an alliance with Casey since the beginning of the game, she would’ve been the person I would’ve taken to the final two. However, I am shocked that James dodged being voted out twice thanks to Ariel and Emily and was able to make it to the final two. (It was really luck.) So, I’ve decided that I vote for James to win.

Kimmy: Really, I was not pleased that I was voted out. But, oh well, let bygones be bygones. I vote for Casey to win.

Ariel: James, you nominated me twice and voted for me once. So, I vote for Casey to win.

Emily: With Ariel’s vote, that means Casey won. And since my vote doesn’t matter, I can’t feel like I’m going to offend anyone. So I kindly vote for Casey to win, since I’m being forced to.

And with that. Casey wins Big Brother-VHS by a vote of 5-2. Congratulations to Casey, who knew she was going to win from the get go.

Maybe we’ll do it again sometime.


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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love you all! MWAH! :blows a sloppy kiss:

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