My New Blue 'Green' Phone

Ok, so I’m not an environmentalist. I really am not. My phone, however, says “Owner loves the environment.” Ok, it doesn’t say that, I’d really have bought a different one if it did. After two or three years with my camera-less T-Mobile phone, I was finally able to get a new one this week. After returning from my mission, I got a Nextel phone (pre-Sprint) because my brothers both worked for Nextel in different states. Eventually, I got a plan through Chris and loved my Nextel/Sprint plan and phone. Well, Mary convinced me to drop my phone (even though mine was 1/2 the cost of hers at the time). Since then, Mary and I ended up with a family plan that for the last year has cost us a lot more than I wanted it to.

Well, Mary realized that T-Mobile was too expensive. So, I went to my favorite phone sources: my awesome older brothers. Well, one really couldn’t do anything for me, but the other one could. So, I’ve been looking at Sprint phones recently. I was so excited to be researching my first phone in a long time. I had only picked out one phone ever, and that was because it was a pre-pay phone that I bought and there were only two options at the time, white or blue. My parents gave me my first cell phones pre-mission. Eric gave me my Nextel phones that weren’t pay-n-go type phones. Mary picked our phones (and then washed, maybe dried, hers and got to get another one). So, I was stuck with this one phone that I couldn’t stand after a while.

So, I decided what amount I was ok with spending on a phone. Well, I went through all the phones and decided what I wanted. I wanted a Qwerty board (preferably slide out), able to go on web and have SprinTV play NFL Mobile Live, let me catch facebook, have a camera, and have GPS capability. Well, there was only one phone that had everything that I wanted: The Samsung Reclaim. I didn’t want the Reclaim because of it’s ‘go green’ campaign behind it. Oh well, can’t get it all, can you?

The Reclaim is Sprint’s Eco-friendly phone. It even says “Eco Use of Bio Plastics” on it’s back. It has a bunch of ‘green’ related items that make me want to eject green stuff from my mouth on it at times. 90%+ of the ringtones and sounds have some sort of environment related sound including birds, frogs croaking (my favorite one to laugh at), and waves. I had to find one that sounded nothing like that. I think I need to download one soon. But Rascal Flatts’ “Life is a Highway” is not an option and I really want something fun and upbeat like that. Oh well, I’ll find it eventually.

There were two color choices for this phone: green and ocean blue. I chose the ocean blue to gear myself away from the ‘green’-ness of my phone. It’s a cool color. Downsides: small keys, too GREEN (if you haven’t caught that yet), and sort of slow. Oh, and it doesn’t have the best reception at work (I’m in the middle of SLC, where’s the signal?). Upsides: It’s a really cool phone with it’s features (minus stupid Green websites that have their own section dedicated to finding them). It’s got the ability to do a lot.

Sure, I helped the environment buying this phone (according to Sprint of course). But that’s not why I got it.


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  1. I really doubt that you buying that phone made any sort of impact on the environment. I’m sure that even if the plastic is “reclaimed” it still had to be smeltered (is plastic smeltered?), fossil fuels were used and the power behind creating that phone sent some noxious fumes into the atmosphere worse than a Hummer H2. Yay! Global Warming is a scam.

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