Happy MmmTuesday!!!!!!!!

Happy MmmTuesday everyone!!!!!!!!

Ok, I guess that needs some explanation. Aside from the obvious reference that today is the first working day of the week for the majority of the country, there is a history in my life to MmmTuesday.

So, if you click here you will be once again reminded of my friend Casey’s comparison to Barbie. Well, the only reason that this is important is that blog also holds the details on Casey telling me that I was going to be her chauffeur…ahem…going to be able to drive her to school (which her mom gave me a weekly or monthly stipend for driving her, I know). Anyway, the Friday before Labor Day, Casey called me up and discussed what time I was going to get her and go to school with her. (A time that she thought was unholy, but I knew that if I didn’t leave at that time, I wouldn’t get a good parking spot.) Anyway, near the end of our conversation I said something along the lines of, “Ok, I’ll see you on MmmTuesday.”

Well, Casey couldn’t let that go. “MmmTuesday, is that a new day?” And my response, “Yes, it falls on every Tuesday after a Monday holiday.” And then I stuck my tongue out at her, which didn’t do any good since we were on the phone. But ever since then, it’s been Happy MmmTuesday. Now, Casey likes to call every Tuesday, MmmTuesday. I stick to my original thought. Every Tuesday following a Monday Holiday (or if you took Monday off, you are permitted to call it MmmTuesday when you return to work/school).

So, again, I say to you Happy MmmTuesday!!!!!!!!


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