Music Rocks

It’s funny how out of the loop I feel like I’ve been over the last….mmmmm…..far too many years, since the mid-90s.

On Saturday after my dorky-looking time playing golf, my friend Jer and I were driving back from the golf course and he decided to play some music. He asked if I liked 311. I knew the name, not the music. Well, he gave me a taste of three of their songs. And my eyes were opened to this world that I’d ignored for far too long. I went to Pandora radio and typed in 311 for a new station. Well, it has opened my eyes to how awesome this bands, now considered old by teenagers, were and I totally missed out. I’ve been listening to 311, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Googoo Dolls, Incubus (which I knew was cool based off an old roommate, but never thought I’d listen to again for whatever reason). Well, thanks to Pandora I get to learn of songs I think are awesome and most of all I found a new favorite old song.

“Loser” by Beck played on my Pandora radio station yesterday and has become my new favorite song (despite being old). I really don’t know why, I honestly don’t think I’m a Loser. However, I definitely think the song’s awesome and I’m sure plenty of people have called me a ‘loser’, ‘tool’, ‘moron’, ‘idiot’, and/or ‘outcast’ in my life that the song just fits. Plus, for my mood lately, I’ve really thought that this song was something that seemed to fit, even though I’m not a loser. Hmmm…maybe I’m saying that I’m not a loser so much because I really am.

Anyway, enough internal conversations. I intend to make that song my new ringtone somehow, someway.


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  1. Even if you’re the sharpest tool in the shed…you’re still a tool. 😀

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