Time for No Change

Ok, so, back to the book. It’s amazing what a weekend can do to your mind. During my lunch on Friday, I started working on my book, making the ‘necessary’ changes so that it would be able to finish as a stand alone book instead of a series. My original intent was for this to happen. Well, as I wrote on Friday and again on Saturday, I was unmotivated. I felt like I wasn’t writing for me anymore, I was writing for some unknown corporate conglomerate. Now I don’t mind doing that when an agent says “do it this way” and especially when a publisher says “you should do it like this”. I wouldn’t mind that, it’s a completely different and easily justified scenario. Why? Well, someone, besides me, would be publishing my book. Of course I’ll respect their authority. So, yesterday, in discussing with Mary during a long drive home in which Lizzie was very unhappy, I decided I’m just going to give it a shot and go for it.

I’ve already sent off my prologue to a company that does editing of a certain number of pages for free. Whenever I get that back, I’m going to review this company’s work and then begin preparing my book to be sent off to agents and publishers. Why? Well, if I don’t do it soon, I may never do it. All growing up I’ve talked about goals and dreams. Well, it’s time for me to make those 12-year old boy’s dreams come true. No one’s going to hand me a publishing contract. I have to go get one. I’ve worked hard at getting my book written and I’ve worked hard through my revision. Are there errors in it? Yes. Is that bad? Absolutely. But, I won’t be sending in the chapters that contradict or contain errors. I’m only sending in the chapters that I’ve looked at so intensely that it doesn’t matter. There are a lot of changes I need to make, but not to the point that my book is unrecognizable in intent from beginning to end. That’s it. I’m tired of waiting on someone else to make my hopes and dreams come true. I’m going to do it for once in my life and I’m going to do it and not expect it to get handed to me. I heard a bunch of good advice at the conference. The best one: “Sometimes, you’ve got to ignore the bozo on the stage.” (Brandon Sanderson)  Well, I was listening to some great authors’ advice and realized, maybe, just maybe, I’ve got to do this my way. Sometimes, I’ve got to do it my arrogant way, get told I’m wrong, and move on. Failure would be if I didn’t try. And for once in my life, I’m going to get off my fat lazy butt and say “I’m doing this for me.”

Ok, off my high horse and back to work. So, in the end, I guess this post was for me more than you. Happy reading.


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  1. Yes yes, get a good agent then refer them to me. 🙂

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