Today’s blog topic is going to be for this week’s Opinion Day. Yeah, you’re all excited I’m starting this way.

My sister once did something along this subject. Please read it for an extra boost of dislike towards self-centered jerks aka “Extremely Stupid People.”

What I’m referring to is when people open their mouths and say something that could easily offend someone, but because they think they’re ‘cool’ then they are immune from being in the least bit offensive. Yeah, I’ve done this more times than I care to count in my life. So the ESPs (I hope you realize that it’s my acronym for Extremely Stupid People, although I find the connection to the ‘real’ ESP ironic and humorous) are people that Bill Engvall makes fun of in the majority of his comedy CDs. I’d like to hand out a few (million) signs myself. Of course, I’d probably have one.

So, I heard from a friend of mine that someone who knew him in high school and this someone’s brother were discussing him. The brother told my friend, upon hearing about this friend’s new job, “(My brother and I) were discussing the other day when you were going to enter the real world.” First, are you and this brother obsessed over this friend? Second, if you’re going to gossip about people (regardless of if you’re male or female, this was definitely gossip) don’t tell them what was said as if your opinion or viewpoint has any relevance to their lives.

Now, I’ve said dumb things before. I state this just in case I’ve offended someone like this. But what makes someone think they’re so important that their opinion is obviously the only one that matters. I’m opinionated. I’m very opinionated. I stand by them. I falsely state them as facts on occasion. But my opinion of someone’s life is worthless if not sought out. And even if it were sought out, that doesn’t make it not worthless. I give my opinion far too often, but I’ve learned when to SHUT MY MOUTH! It’s big enough that it likes to be open and shove feet into it, but seriously, there are people that have no intellectual boundaries.

For example, I’m not going to walk up to my bishop at church and say, “I think you’re a failure as a bishop because of …..” I’m not going to go to the CEO of the company and say, “You know, we were talking about you the other day and decided that you need to tone down your attitude when it comes to this situation.” Why? Be BOLD! Well, there’s a big difference between being bold and being an ESP. I am bold. I’ll say things that show my attitude, my offbeat nature, and/or my rebellious side. But seriously, with people’s lives where they’ve made decisions that have either positively or negatively affected them, I’d honestly say “Shut your mouth” or “Wow, impressive, you’re an ESP.”

When Mary and I bought our condo, everyone was very happy for us. Well, almost. A neighbor of ours had the gall to say to Mary, “Why a condo? Why not a house?” The response I wished I was there to give would’ve been, “What’s it to you?”

Why is it that people aren’t acting like ESPs around me more often? Seriously, I must be seeing the sign that says “WARNING: EXTREMELY STUPID PEOPLE AHEAD, PROCEED WITH CAUTION.” If I was around these people more often, I’d give them a taste of my “I don’t care what you think” attitude. Everyone who really knows me, knows that I have this attitude. (Did I just hear problem? Definitely not a problem.) It’s a gift from my awesome sister that I’ve developed my own way. I do have an “I honestly respect and wonder what you think” attitude. But you’ve got to give me a reason to respect your thoughts before I am going to care about what you say. I’m not THAT big of a jerk.


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  1. Ha! We must be thinking the same thing because I wrote about a conversation with another ESP today! They’re ubiquitous!

    Many times, apathy will get you everywhere. Other times, compassion works. I wish I could spend more time with the latter although I do feel sorry for ESPs sometimes. Sometimes. A little.

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