Book Update

So through a given week I try to do a blog that falls under one of the following five topics: opinion, random, memory, book, or top 10. Yesterday was an opinion day (although the amount of ESPs in this world should prove that my thoughts are fact on the subject.) I really didn’t want to do a book update, but I’ve decided that I need to since I’m not feeling strong about the other three subjects I can do today.

Recently, I quickly wrote a query letter (that I’ll later send out to agents throughout the U.S., but mostly New York. I really hope they’re not Yankee fans seeing as how I’ve got two L.A. teams in the LCSs). I sent it to my awesome sister who was able to go through it and let me know that it SUCKED! Ok, she didn’t say that, nor did she say anything really negative about it. She assist some misuse of terms or grammar problems in there. We discussed a few things about it and then called it ‘decent’. We’ll see if there are more thoughts I’ll put towards it before sending off or if she’ll give me any more suggestions. Query letters are hard. You’ve got a paragraph to sum up your entire book. How rude can you be? Some don’t even want you to give a synopsis or anything. They just want the letter and that’s it. Hmmm…’s obviously not impossible, people have gotten (I really thought that wasn’t a word) agents by just sending off these type of letters. *cough* Stephanie Meyer *cough* *cough* Christopher Paolini *cough* *cough* J.K. Rowling *cough*. Now that my coughing fit is done, I’ll move on.

Saturday, I was able to go to the Lehi Library and get some peace and quiet as I worked on my book. I also drank a Monster when the kids went to bed and stayed up Saturday night polishing the first 3 chapters (not including the prologue). It’s been far too many days since polishing chapter 3 and finishing chapter 4. We’ll see if I can get that done soon. In the famous words of Brandon Sanderson: “To begin is human, to finish is divine, to revise is hell.” I hate revising. And chapter 4 is going through a lot of that all because I want to make it into one book that holds the potential of a sequel, but it isn’t necessary. Oh well. Even though it’s only truly the 3rd time going through the book it feels like the 20th. I just need to find time to work on it more. Thankfully though, I’m only looking at changing a part of the story so I should be ok, right?


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