Stand Up

I’ve discovered that I need to stand up for what I think more often. (The laughing you just heard came from my wife, or it came from my sister. One of them I’m sure.) It’s funny, I can stand up for my opinion against some people. But I can’t stand up for it against others. I don’t know why that is. Who am I seriously trying to impress? Let me give some opinions here that I’ve realized that I haven’t stood up for in a proper manner, according to me.

Dan Brown– I have a friend who absolutely hates Dan Brown’s writing (then why are you listening to it? You do realize you look like a hypocrite, but oh well. That’s life. I do it all the time). Anyway, I really enjoyed the Da Vinci Code. I don’t necessarily agree with some of the things that Mr. Brown presents as facts according to Robert Langdon in there. I am interested in reading Angels and Demons along with The Lost Symbol. Whatever this friend thinks, I really shouldn’t care. I just hate it when people who are just as opinionated as me throw their opinions in my face. And yeah, I’m sure some of you hate it when I do that. Karma’s a heartless beast.

SF/F– So, I’ve read 12 of Terry Brooks’ novels. So, I play Magic: The Gathering (very infrequently). So, I’ve read all 7 Harry Potter books. So I own posters that express these things. Does that mean you can make fun of me? Oh, I love it how people can make fun of anyone they want, but make fun of them and you’re the spawn of Satan. Again, hypocrites. They’re so lovely.

Accounting– I’m sorry, what’s wrong with getting a bachelor’s degree with the third or fourth highest earning potential? Really, there’s a problem here? I love being made fun of by Enginerds…I mean, Engineers. As if they’re so much smarter. I’ve met many (and I don’t by any means deem all engineers to be this way) engineers that have a lot intellect, but absolutely little street smart. I’m sorry, you’re not better than me, no matter what you say.

Writing– Growing up, I’ve always had an overactive and somewhat bizarre imagination. It’s great for writing. But you know, just because I enjoy writing Fantasy or other Speculative Fiction, doesn’t mean that I’m weird or strange. I just like to tell important points using things that people may or may not wish is true. One day, I’ll get to write “A Time to Stop” and that’ll be something that will make people think. I really could care less if you don’t like that I write or what I write. I didn’t ask you. And hey, did you know that Harry Potter is still selling in the bookstore? (Oh, and if you get the chance, check out a book called “The Maze Runner” by James Dashner. I haven’t read it yet, but I absolutely intend to do so. Especially after viewing the trailer that they made for it. Yes, books have trailers now too.)

Comedy-Do you know why the dish ran away with spoon? They both could dish it up and they both could take it. I hate it when people think they’re so humorous that they’re immune to being mocked. Oh, that’s almost my biggest pet peeve. (I’d say it is, but we all know I change my mind more often than a teenage girl changes her outfit for the first day of school.) If you want to mock me, I honestly don’t care. I’ve been made fun of for so many different things that if you’re going to mock me, follow the inspirational words of 311, COME ORIGINAL. I’ve been mocked for height, lisp, religion, weight, hair loss, facial hair, body hair, glasses, certain likes and dislikes, and many other things that I’m sure I’m missing. If you want to mock them, again fine. But I reserve the right to sarcastically mock you back. If you can’t dish it, then don’t expect the spoon to run away with you.

Seinfeld– I personally don’t like Jerry Seinfeld. I don’t really find him funny. However, I do see beyond my short stubby little nose and can see the potential for people to find his humor funny. I don’t have a problem with that. But don’t tell me I’m wrong that I don’t find him funny. I really don’t understand that. A lot of people like him. A lot of people watched his show. I didn’t. It was not my forte or genre or cup o’ tea or whatever you want to say. I didn’t like it. Is that a problem? If the sarcastic reply that just came out of your mouth is ‘yes’ then please return to pre-school and start life over.

The Office– I’ve finally started really watching the Office. I’ve started with the first season and made it through all 6 episodes. Well, I find it partially funny. But don’t tell me it’s all funny. I find some of it pretty offensive. I sort of felt that people laughing at the 2nd episode (Diversity) were sort of racist themselves. I don’t really like Michael Scott. I don’t find Steve Carrell that funny. Am I wrong? Well, if you ask my carpool, I guess I am. I think Dwight vs Jim/Pam is hilarious. I really do. But you know, I’ve had a couple of bosses that Michael Scott reminds me of in certain ways. I’ve dealt with irrational bosses that were out to get themselves promoted. Thankfully, I’m not near them now, but I really don’t like that type of person nor do I really find him that funny. TOO BAD!!!!!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

Ok, enough ranting and raving. I may start looking like Michael Scott (minus the 20 hair transplants Mr. Carrell seems to have had over the past 5 years) if I don’t stop. But seriously, if you’ve got an opinion and someone shuts you down, maybe it’s time to do the same. (Oh and don’t blame me if standing up gets you arrested or beat up. I reserve the right to give my opinion here. It’s my blog. You can reserve the right to not read it and I’m not any less happy with my life.) 🙂


3 Responses

  1. So, am I the friend who doesn’t like Dan Brown? I listened out of curiosity but for some odd reason I like to see what writing and narrative mistakes he makes so I can avoid them. If you still think that’s hypocritical, I’ll just laugh. You’re a funny guy and fun to talk to.

    • I don’t think you’re a hypocrite by any means. I just found it ironic and hilarious that you listened to it.

  2. Another part of the reason I listened to it was to pass through the work day quicker. When I’m enjoying the bad writing, it helps. I do weird things sometimes.

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