Eagle Mountain Politics

I know that politics may bore you, but I’m really curious about how you would vote based off the following information. So, we, in Eagle Mountain have two people running for mayor. Three people are running for the two open city council seats.

Let’s run down the two mayoral candidates: a woman who is currently our mayor and a man that is running against her who is currently volunteering on the economic development board. There was a mayoral election held 2 years ago because EM’s previous mayor was caught in an embezzlement scheme or something like that. Then, from what I understand, our current mayor’s opponent at the last election was charged with illegal real estate charges. Um….ok….vote for a moron to replace a moron or vote for the other candidate. I’d have voted her in. Now that she’s there though, I’ve gone through the list of ‘accomplishments’ that she has done. I won’t list them here.

What I will add though is the “Meet the candidate” night held last week. It was very interesting to see two contrasting personalities up there answering questions in a somewhat debate format. During a question concerning the road construction I heard our current mayor say “I” so much I thought Ricky Ricardo was up there saying “aye, aye, aye.” However, the opponent seemed to take a stab at her saying “You got this city what it needed” in reference to the citizens. A very strong word that makes people like him. It wasn’t their words though that made me decide who I’m voting for. No, it was the reaction of our current mayor to her opponents comments. She rolled her eyes so many times I was waiting for them to roll out of her head. If you’re running for a political position and you can’t have the decency to not react to an opponent in such a childish manner, then you don’t deserve my vote. During the meet and greet session after the debate, I honestly didn’t see my mayor smile once. I did see all four other candidates that are running for an office smile. But no, she scowled the entire time. Maybe she’d had a bad day. But, maybe she doesn’t care to get others votes. Oh, and I’d like to say thank you to her for cutting Mary and I off the other day. We know it was you, Madame Mayor.  And then she didn’t even acknowledge that she cut us off with a courteous wave of the hand. Even a wave of the finger would’ve been more polite.

Now, I’m not saying that her opponent isn’t perfect. I’ve seen some things I don’t exactly agree with concerning his campaign. However, based off what I’ve learned about his intents for office versus our current mayor’s plan, I will be voting for him. I encourage others to do the same that are voting for Eagle Mountain’s mayor. But who would you vote for based off this?


3 Responses

  1. I bet she wants to eradicate your city of plastic bags too.

  2. How do you know it was her that cut you off? Did you recognize her? Maybe she was PMSing really bad. That’s from The Office. You’ll get to that episode soon.

    • Yeah, we recognized her. PMSing really bad? Sure, maybe. Excuse to be flat out rude and mean to strangers? I’ve never met a woman PMSing that bad that would do something like that.

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