Popcorn Can't Write

At Utah State for a total of 3 semesters, I lived on the first floor of the great place known as Moen Hall. In Moen, there were lobbies on the first and second floors. A lot of time, those that lived in the building would use the lobbies to do homework or study.

On one such homework session, I was in the lobby with my neighbor April. In our building each floor had a theme. Ours was “ASL.” This meant that we were supposed to observe voices-off hours while on our floor at a certain point of the day. So, if April and I wanted to converse, it would have to be in sign language. I was still trying to pick up sign and had recently learned popcorn. April was fairly fluent in her ability and moved her hands a lot faster than I could follow. And so the following situation took place.

Both of us were reading for our English classes, she was in the sophomore level one while I was in the freshman one (as it was my 1st semester). It was nice and quiet until April made frustrated grunts at her books. I looked up at her, caught her attention and signed “What?”. She replied by signing, “Popcorn can’t write.” I was so confused and expressed that by saying “What” again. She signed it again. With the obvious confusion on my face, she fingerspelled the first word of her statement for me. I stopped her before she went on to the next word. I signed what I saw initially, “Popcorn.” Well, she really was saying “People can’t write.” I guess popcorn can’t really write either.


2 Responses

  1. Haha! Those are two totally different signs!

  2. I love this story. I was hoping I would be in your memory from USU.

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