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So, I haven’t blogged in a week. Last Wednesday we found out that Mary’s grandfather passed away suddenly the previous evening. He was 83 years old and had lived a wonderful life, being active literally moments before his passing. If you’d like, please take a moment of silence or pray for Mary’s family. Her mom is in England for the next 6 weeks taking care of her father’s estate. Lizzie will miss her Grandma for the next little while.

But, apparently, people still found time to visit my blog in my absence. It was nice to see that some people come here every so often for whatever reason, even if it isn’t a large number of people. I like having readers.

So, today is my random day for this week of blogs. I have so many things on my mind that there’s no way I can stick with one thing. So, let me run through the past week.

Last Wednesday was a very sad day, as I mentioned already. We did get to enjoy a family Halloween party that evening. Watching Lizzie and her cousin Allen try and eat mini-donuts off a string was pretty fun and funny. I’m still happy with my chimney costume.

Thursday, I was able to take some necessary me time and go visit Blakfyre Games. There was a new multi-player Magic format released recently that I’d been hoping to play one day. Well, because there were a few others there wanting to play, I had the opportunity to play a 4-player Planechase game. It was pretty fun. Especially since three of the guys were using decks built by someone there, and I used my own deck that I think is ok. Oh, and I won. I didn’t kick butt. I did help eliminate one of the guys. I didn’t do much to the other. But, I was able to win in the end with some decent cards to help. It made me feel good to win.

Friday, I got to go to a chiropractor finally. After being in so much pain in my back, to the point where I would stand up and be unable to really walk, I got all the approvals needed to go see one. So far, I’ve gone twice, had two good adjustments and have been feeling better with my back lately.

Saturday was Halloween. Instead of trick-or-treating in Eagle Mountain, we left our rather large bag of candy in our pantry and went to Orem. We didn’t mean to. We just ended up trick-or-treating out there, seeing some old friends that were glad to see us. We also got to go to our friends, the Smith’s, for a post-trick-or-treat party. That was better than freezing in Eagle Mountain by far.

Sunday was Thanksgiving. Ok, not really (obviously). We did go to a dinner at Mary’s dad’s cousin’s (aka 1st cousin, once removed). His wife prepared us a Thanksgiving meal. I got to eat yams with marshmallows on them, not something I get to do very often. And they were very good.

Tuesday was Election day. Not enough people voted to get rid of the current mayor. Oh well. It’s not like she’s embezzling money or anything. That’s the positive. I hope she does move things forward the way she promised her supporters. I’ll be watching her though very closely the next few years. If she does a bad job, I’m glad it’s not my fault. For those that voted for her, it was your choice to keep her there. For those that didn’t vote that have complaints about her? There’s an if/then statement for you. “If you don’t vote, than you have no right to complain.” Why would your voice matter now if you think it didn’t matter then? Truth is, it mattered then, you just didn’t want to use it. (And Jer, I’m not referring to you.) My goal now is to attend city council meetings practically religiously and be involved. Maybe one day I’ll be a city councilman that gets to thank his supporters.

I did get a chapter done on my book. I believe I’m looking at a new total of 23 or 24 chapters. I finished chapter 10 recently and will hopefully get 11 revised soon. Thankfully, with that chapter, not much has to change. It’s 12 and 13 that I’m concerned about fixing to the current storyline. 😦

This Friday, my Top 10 annoying things will be back. Until then, keep reading. 🙂


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  1. I made yams as a side dish with dinner the other other night. Topped them with brown sugar, honey and cinnamon. I actually have marshmellows at home and totally forgot to add them. Doh! Btw, when I really want to make yams (not the quicky version I did for dinner) I do a lot more with them. You will never have better yams. 🙂

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