Friday the 13th

I really wonder about people’s superstitions sometimes. I’m not a really superstitious person. Once in awhile, I’ll joke about broken mirrors. I purposely walk under ladders. Black cats can be creepy, but that’s about it. But Friday the 13th is one that I really believe in. It’s always been a lucky day for me. I knew a guy named Dan K. growing up who one Friday the 13th told me that it was his lucky day after I jokingly told him how unlucky he should have been feeling at the moment. So, ever since that day, I’ve tried to think of Friday the 13th as a lucky day, because, in all honesty, it doesn’t really present any more luck and dis-luck than any other day…

Unless you happen to be someone that truly believes that Friday the 13th is a bad luck day. There was a deadly accident in south Salt Lake county around 1 o’clock Friday afternoon that took 5 hours to clear up. I am wondering how many drivers out there believed that this was an omen that it was….boo….Friday the 13th! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Run!!!!!!! Hide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get in more accidents!!!!!!!!!! This poor driver who ended up dead from this horrific accident seems to have had some sort of medical problem, like a stroke or low-blood sugar. I don’t believe he was recklessly driving. From the people who knew him that have commented on this story online, this guy seemed like he didn’t drink, didn’t do drugs, and wasn’t mentally unstable. (Screw you jerks who keep saying that one of those things were involved, especially if you are just speculating without knowing the man personally.) Anyway, speaking of speculation, this one accident that involved multiple vehicles on the freeway put the I-15 to an almost standstill for a long time.

My boss took a side-route home. She called in to tell my co-worker that there was an accident on that frontage road. I took a different route home. There were three accidents in a three-mile stretch on my side of the street for a different side route I was taking. I seriously think that people need to pay attention to what they’re doing more. It was as if everyone thought that they had to get to where they were going faster than anyone else. I’ll give some exceptions to this way of thinking. If you are trying to get to the hospital because someone is dying/being born, you have an excuse. If you’re going to be late for an important meeting that has life-altering consequences for missing, then I’ll give you an excuse. If you’re an alcoholic trying to hit the bar before anyone else, then I’ll give you NO excuse. If you want to get home to watch that Jon & Kate Plue 8 rerun, then I’d prefer it if you were the alcoholic. If you want to get home so you can spend those extra minutes with your spouse/children then I’ll give you the most worthy excuse that is closest to a plausible reason. But is it worth risking your life for? You know it’s better that they have you alive than not have you at all.

So, superstition or stupid-stition, whatever your reasons for all those accidents on Friday (with the exception of the big one on the I-15) quit acting like the world owes you your time and that we all need to let you home sooner.  Oh, and thank you to the moron who tried to cause another accident by sideswiping my direction when I was changing lanes legally. That was quite kind of you.

On to less important things. The answer to Friday’s trivia question is orange.

What is quite honestly my least favorite holiday of the year? And why?
a) Thanksgiving-I hate sitting around all day just to pig out and feel sick to my stomach. Only consolation: 3 NFL games.
b) Halloween-too much candy to make me fat. Consolation: free candy.
c) Valentine’s Day-do I need an excuse to say I love you? Thanks Hallmark. Consolation: Always will take an excuse to eat out.
d) St. Patrick’s Day-is there really a point to this day? All people do is use it as an excuse to be Irish and get drunk. Consolation: everyone looks like a fool decked out in green and it’s pretty funny.


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  1. Either c or d. C because you don’t care about the commercialism/pagan holiday. D because you don’t drink and you’re Hungarian, not Irish.

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