1, 2, Skip a few, 99, 100

I’m actually going to start with yesterday’s answer to the useless T.J. trivia. Yesterday, I asked what my least favorite holiday is. And despite Casey’s rationale that it was either the pagan love day or the Irish drinking day, the true answer is Thanksgiving. The only consolations I see are 1) day off from work. 2) 3 NFL games. It’s not that I’m anti-patriotic or anything. I think that there have been a few things that’ve ruined this holiday for me.

1) The Thanksgiving Day parade. Ok, not really. It’s kinda cool to occasionally watch a giant balloon float down a street carried by people 1/100th its size. But really, the balloons just float around. They’re not doing anything. Dang New Year’s Day Rose Parade with your moving features and interesting commentary.

2) I really do love my mother-in-law. However, for every big family get together (and I don’t blame her for this) it’s just very easy to do a big Thanksgiving-style meal. She knows (at least I believe she knows) that I’m just not that big of a fan of turkey. So eating it a few times during the year over the past few years has made me like the sleep-inducing meat even less….mmmm….sleep.

3) Let’s see, I just ate a butt-load of ‘fun-size’ candy from October 31 until now. I’m going to be eating a butt-load of red and green M&Ms and Hershey’s Kisses for the next month. At some point during the M&M eating, I’m probably going to be having birthday cake since Christmas and my birthday. So for the bookend holidays of Thanksgivings I’m already increasing the size of my Hungarian hiney, so why do I need to eat three pieces of pumpkin pie and three pieces of pecan pie? Oh…pecan pie!

4) Speaking of Christmas and Halloween. It’s fun to go to Wal-mart and see Halloween decorations and candy and such. On Halloween itself though, I ended up at Wal-mart and discovered something quite interesting. There are no such things as Thanksgiving decorations. Since Halloween is commercialized by decorations and candy, Christmas is commercialized by decorations, candy, and gifts, I guess Thanksgiving can’t have decorations of turkeys and pilgrims? Umm….ok, sounds like Thanksgiving’s sole purpose is to provide a few extra funds to the grocery department. I also love the fact that Wal-Mart is open on the one holiday that likes to remain in the middle of the week just so people can buy food there. Hey, why can’t Christmas be on Wednesdays and everyone be entitled to have Wed-Fri off that week. How horrible is that?

5) Football and food. Football and food. That’s all there is too it. Yeah, I like both things. But isn’t the combo of football and food called “Super Bowl?”

6) Chandler Bing. Well, I think that’s self-explanatory for a Friends fan. If not, go watch all 9 Thanksgiving episodes for Friends. (Yes, there are 10 seasons of Friends. Season 2 didn’t have a real TG episode, unless you count the Mocolate one, which I really don’t.)

Well, enough ranting against Thanksgiving. It’s a good holiday that more people should celebrate. We should be more appreciative of this country, its freedoms (not free-kingdom, big difference people!), and all those who sacrificed in the name of free religion.

Useless trivia about me time.

What song plays on Mary’s phone when I call her? (Yes, the Tigger song plays for everyone but me.)

a. Loser by Beck
b. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride from Lilo & Stitch soundtrack
c. I Wanna Be Like You by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (cover from Disney’s The Jungle Book)
d. Amazing by Aerosmith

Until next time.


3 Responses

  1. Oh I was so going to call you Chandler too! Tim, the boy who hates Thanksgiving. Yep, that’s you. Then there’s me…who is going to not 1, but 2 Thanksgiving dinners this year. 😀

    I vote BBVD.

  2. I know!!!

  3. It must run in the family because I am terribly annoyed by Thanksgiving in spite of 4 days off, football, etc. Bleh.

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