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To start, the answer to Friday’s useless vain trivia is: I can do that, I just choose not to. Wow, I used to say that a lot. Congrats to Apryl for getting it right. It also helped that our mom would say it occasionally as well.

Since I didn’t post yesterday, today will have two sections to it. It’s mostly a book day, but it’ll have a part opinion day.

I finally sent out 9 email queries yesterday to 9 different agents/agencies. I have already received 3 rejection emails from some of them. Two of them I wasn’t really interested in, so their mutual feelings about me make sense. The other one, well, it doesn’t really matter since I’ve got more agencies I need to mail queries to today. Even the very successful, everything they write is golden, ones were rejected every once in a while. As my good friend Aria said “Hey for every rejection you statistically come closer to an acceptance.” So, here’s to three steps closer to acceptance. X to go! Although, I feel that there is hope for me. Jeff Savage posted on his blog today that multiple agents recently wanted his book. I’d love to have his problem of figuring out what to do.

On to the rest of my topic. So, the thing that I’ve learned about this process of querying agents is that it’s a lot of work. I’ve done as much research as I can on it. Well, I guess I could do more, but I don’t need to know what the agent’s favorite restaurant is or their sign or eye color or anything. But researching this has been a long process. The annoying thing is that some people I’ve talked to think that just because I’ve done my research that they wouldn’t need to do theirs if they write a book. (Yes Casey, this could potentially be referring to you. But I assure you, if it is, it’s not you alone. And I know that most of the time you’re joking, I hope. 🙂 )

People believe that once I get an agent, I can go to said agent and say “I have a friend, so-and-so, that wants to submit their work to you.” Well, that may be fine if so-and-so is writing young adult fantasy. But if so-and-so is writing romance, non-fiction politics, or the history of mud, I don’t think my agent (if I ever get to use that term and not refer to a hypothetical person) would want to represent them. Not because so-and-so is a bad author. But because said hypothetical agent that I’m 3 steps closer to doesn’t represent that type of work. I read this blog article that made me laugh so much. It’s nice that Ms. Snarky in the blog actually gives some useful tips and advice on querying agents and such. But she has a good point. I don’t expect anyone to do the work for me. It reminds me of that Bill Engvall joke about tee-ball. He’s mocking tee-ball for have a tee for little kids to hit the ball from, no pitcher, nothing. He then compares it to hunting remarking that it’d be like waking up at 5 in the morning, get out of the truck, and have some guy hand you a dead deer saying “Nice shootin’ buddy.” I’d love it if someone gave me all the information that I would need to query agents and such. But it actually feels very satisfying that I’ve researched these agencies. I’ve done my research to get myself an agent and one day published. And you know what? If I get rejected by every last agent, then I’ll just go on and write a different book. Why not? I intend to be a published author.

Enough ranting from me. Time for more useless trivia from me.

When Mary and I initially discussed baby names we had a girl name and a boy name. Lizzie ended up with the exact girl name (Elizabeth Marie) that we had planned on. James, however, had a different middle name. What was it?
a) Matthew
b) Christopher
c) Elijah
d) David


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  1. Me, joke? That’s like saying I’m sarcastic a lot of the time. Truth be told, we write in completely different genres and would need agents/publishers that supports that type of storyline.

    That being said, B? The others don’t flow. Why couldn’t you ask what name James would have had if he had been a she? I know that answer to that one!

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