Time to Write

So, I’ve been very busy this month. To the point that I’ve stayed at work an average of at least an hour and a half extra and been to work early at least twice a week. Thankfully, I’m taking a Christmas present this week and not staying that late any day (well, maybe tomorrow, but only because I get in late due to the dentist).

Let’s see, anything exciting to talk about. Not really.

In the writing world that I pretend to dabble in hasn’t seen much progress. I’ve been working hard (*cough* hardly working) on my book due to my job. I haven’t sent out any queries lately. I did receive a semi-positive response from one agent asking to see the first few pages of Eli and the Amethyst. That was awesome and felt good that someone liked the concept. Once I’m done with this draft (which will hopefully be in 2009) I’ll be querying the rest of the agents that I’m intending to contact. I hope to get my outline done soon. I keep putting that off. Most want 2 pages, some want 5 and one wants a chapter-by-chapter. I’m hopefully going to be finishing this draft soon. My workload will hopefully be lighter so I can actually take a lunch.

Stay tuned.


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