During my last post, I omitted the answer to the previous useless trivia. The answer, despite how correct my sister’s was, was crocheting.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to go on with my post. Well, I don’t know what to write about today, maybe inspiration will strike me. *Ouch, that hurt.*

Last week I did my 5 least favorite Christmas carols/songs (aka, the ones that annoy me the most.) Today, let’s talk about some that I actually do love. Without further *ouch*

5. Snoopy’s Christmas song. Sometimes, you just need to not have words and only music.

4. Oh Holy Night. It’s very beautiful. I don’t know why else I like it.

3. The Christmas Shoes. Yes, this song can be a little overplayed on some radio stations. Personally, I haven’t heard it enough. This is one of two songs that can actually make me get all teary-eyed. There is a very personal message in this song about a young boy losing his mother. If I had a great singing voice, I would love to perform this song in concert. Of course, if too many people in the audience start crying, I may get teary-eyed myself.

2. Oh Come All Ye Faithful. This classic Christmas Carol is one of my favorites because of its message. I also enjoy its tune and being able to sing it.

1. Carol of the Bells. This is one of the coolest songs, especially when you get 4 men and 4 women singing a capella (in tune and key and time….not just 8 random poor singers.)

This is a lot harder when you’re not mocking Christmas songs. Grrrr……..Oh well. Merry Christmas. 3 days until Christmas, but only 2 until my birthday. Yeah!


2 Responses

  1. My favorite Christmas song is by the old school punk band Fear. I can’t type the title here because I am trying to keep things clean. Search for it on YouTube. You’ll find it!

  2. I honestly love the Carol of the Bells done in the Clamation Christmas Special. Something about comedy, clay, and childhood that really speaks to those that like comedy, clay and childishness.

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