Survivor Excitement

No one is going to care about this post unless they’re a Survivor fan (or me of course). Next month, there’s a Survivor: Heroes vs Villains season starting. Of course, it probably ended about three weeks ago, but hey, who’s counting. So, I’m going to go through and rank the 19 season of survivor of my least favorite to my favorite:

19: Fiji (season 14): This installment is my all-time least favorite. I’m sorry to Yau-Man and Earl who made two of Survivor’s most likable people. Yau-Man of course being a favorite who returned a few seasons later. Yau-Man was like a short, skinny, oriental version of Rupert. It was also cool for the ethnic diversity as three African-Americans were the final three. But other than that Mookie and Rocky were boring to watch. Far too many other people were just boring from this season. The other cool thing was that Earl got every vote to win the game. Notice Survivor fans, no rumors that anyone from this season is returning for Heroes vs Villians…hmm….

18. Thailand (season 5): Besides Shii Ann, was this season worth watching. This was the first time that Jeff offeredthe “if you want to switch tribes, do so now.” No one did it. That was dull. It was the first time that two tribes shared a beach but were not merged. Kinda dull since Shii Ann got booted instead of making it to the final six. Sadly, she was the best thing from that season. Brian won and that wasn’t anything to enjoy watching. Helen was very annoying yelling at Clay and Brian. Pitchforks in my ears would’ve been better.

17. Africa (season 3): Sorry Ethan, but this wasn’t the best season. Sadly, I was in the Provo MTC and Belgium when it was airing, but thanks to some outdoor station, I was able to catch its reruns. Lex, Big Tom, and Ethan were awesome to watch. But that was about it. Kudos to Ethan though for being the first survivor to get more than 4 votes to win the game.

16. Exile Island (season 12): The first 4-tribe season. Cirie was so awesome as she was a housewife who proclaimed that most of her days were spent sitting around the house on the couch watching tv. First of all, anyone who willingly admits that deserves a few kudos. But other than Cirie, I wasn’t impressed with the cast. Aras winning was purely lame. Danielle didn’t deserve it either. Cirie not making fire? Grrr…she should’ve one. The best thing was that one member from each of the four tribes made it to the final four.

15. All-Stars (season 8): You’d think that with its name it’d be an awesome season. Well, it wasn’t. I remember watching Jenna Morasca leave and feeling so sorry for her. Why? Well, my mom died of cancer while I was in Belgium on my LDS mission. I had the option to go home and see her and did not take it. Am I sorry for that choice? No. But it’s a tough choice to go through. Jenna had a similar choice. One of my roommates at the time was like “that was stupid, why leave?” My response was “you don’t know what it’s like until you’re in that situation.” I was glad that Jenna decided to go home realizing that it was probably better for her than staying. She obviously made the right choice. But after that moving moment, you get Richard Hatch being disgusting, to the point that Sue Hawk left (good riddance either way). You have Boston Rob and Amber controlling the game to the point that you want to strangle everyone else for not realizing it sooner. Big Tom, Jenna, and the lovable Rupert should’ve turned on Ramber. Duh!

14. Marquesas (season 4): The first Mormon on Survivor. Yeah Neleh! She got second for not answering John’s question. Boo! Rosie O’Donnell gave her some hats that said “This Sucks” and the favorite Utah phrase to mock “Oh my heck”. Yeah, that was awesome. It was neat to see people that thought they were in control get picked off one by one. That was a good move. A final four that was decided by pulling rocks. That was interesting. But there were better.

13. Cook Islands (season 13): Must be something with the number 13. This was the second time the offer of “wanna switch tribes” happened. But at least it was taken. The biggest downside to this season was the lack of surprises. The biggest surprise was the four people left on the tribe that was switched out of made it to the final four. I thought Sundra was very beautiful, but I guess beauty can’t make a fire as she that’s how she left. Who didn’t think Yul was going to win when those four had the numbers? As awesome as Ozzie is (he belongs on the list of coolest Survivors with Yau-Man and Rupert), he just didn’t have the strategy to win it.

12. Samoa (season 19): Yep, that most recent season of Survivor makes it to the number 12 slot. Even though there was a little predictability in the season, the most unpredictable thing about the season was its winner. Wow! That was impressive for this ‘dumb blond’ to win. Russell was smart. He outwitted and outmaneuvered many people. But Natalie made a couple of smart moves and laid low the rest of the time. She deserved it just for killing a rat for and apologizing to it right after the murder.

11. Guatemala (season 11): Aka: The Return of Stephenie and Bobby Jon. Yeah, not a surprise that the two both made it to the merge. Well, kinda shocking that neither one was voted out first. But Stephenie was mean in this season. I don’t think she was mean enough though. When it came to the final five, she should’ve stood up to Dani and Rafe. Lydia and (blonde chick that was a twin) should’ve been in the final 3 with Steph. Then Steph would’ve had a better shot at winning. Screwing over Jamie and Rudd, bad move in my opinion.

10. Gabon (season 17): What made this season great was the Bob won when he should’ve been voted out ‘next’ so many times. Suzie shouldn’t have been in the final 3. Corinne shouldn’t have opened her mouth ever. Sugar getting stuck in the Sugar Shack a lot more. Oh and it was awesome to see Sugar find the hidden immunity idol (as a, what was she? a model) the episode after the lawyer failed to locate it. Intelligence and street smarts don’t go hand-in-hand. Suzie blindsiding Marcus was cool. Yeah, like she was going to keep him when he had been so mean to her. Suzie being dumb enough to tell Corinne she was thinking of voting for her.

9. Palau (season 10): The first time for Stephenie. The only time in Survivor history that there was no merge whatsoever. Stephenie beat Bobby Jon in a fire making contest and was absorbed into Koror. But why Jon, Katie, and Tom didn’t pull her along to the final four made no sense. Were they really that good of friends with Caryn, Gregg, and Jenn? I don’t think so. Oh well.

8. China (season 15): Yeah, the gay guy from Utah won. That wasn’t what made this season so good. James the big grave digger not using his two hidden immunity idols, that helped. Jean-Robert being blindsided even though he’s a master poker player? Skinny little Courtney making it to the final 3 even though they didn’t like her alliance with Frosti and he got voted out for it and they didn’t trust her? Denise making it to the final four, period? Amanda getting one vote? This season was full of randomness, that’s for certain. I always like it when the short guy wins though. He just didn’t need to cry like some woosy.

7. Vanuatu (season 9): This season should also be dubbed: Women are stupid. “Now, T.J., that’s just mean,” you may say. But I have a reason behind this. Look at the episode for the final 7. How many of each gender are there? Six women, one man. Somehow, that one man beat all six of those women. No, I must say that Chris should’ve screwed over Twila and Scout and taken Julie and Eliza to the final three. He could’ve beaten both of them I’m sure. He still won 6-1, but still it would’ve been nicer to have people I actually liked up against him in the final three. My favorite part was Scout expressing that she had no alliance with Twila. What? Are you stupid? If you promise that you’re not voting Twila out, then you’ve got a pseudo-alliance or at least an allegiance and loyalty.

6. Tocantins (season 18): J.T. and Stephen making it to the final 2. It was awesome to watch their husband and wife quarrel (with Stephen acting the wife role while Jon Thomas (J.T.) was the self-composed husband) during the final tribal council. Taj was scary and cool at the same time. Coach was a classic moronic villain that doesn’t really deserve to go back to Survivor’s turf, but, what can I say to change the powers that be minds? Nothing since it’s too late.

5. Fans vs Favorites (season 16): I have to admit, this was an awesome season. I really liked Eliza’s eyes when Ozzie didn’t play the hidden immunity idol and then got voted out. That was just plain cool. Then there was another blindside the following episode. That was great. James being the third contestant leaving without being voted out sucked. Amanda playing the hidden immunity idol totally made my day (and made me an Amanda fan). Erik being dumb enough to give Natalie the immunity necklace was the absolute dumbest moment in Survivor history, but made for great television. Kudos for Natalie for convincing Erik to give it to her. Wow! And go Cirie for coming up with the plan to get Erik to do it in the first place. Boo for Parvati winning over Amanda though. But, I love that Amanda did accomplish something unique. She went on Survivor two seasons in a row and made it to the finals both times. I doubt that’s going to be matched.

4. Borneo (season 1): The one that started it all. Of course it’s in the top. The surprise of the season? There were no surprises. People didn’t know what to expect. Oh, and an alliance formed in the middle of the game that lasted until the final 4. Kelly winning immunity after immunity. But also being dumb enough to run back during the hidden in the shack challenge even though Jeff just said the competition was over. Rudy. He’s just classic period. Stacey suing Survivor? Richard Hatch in jail? Yeah, there’s some other drama from this season besides Kelly vs. Sue. Dirk’s stupidity at finding tapioca was great. Gervais not knowing how to swim was awesome. In the end, even I have to admit it, Rich deserved to win. So did Kelly. But Rich did.

3. Pearl Islands (season 8): Rupert. ‘Nuff said. No? Ok, the Outcast tribe coming back and defeating the two ‘normal’ tribes in order for two of them to return to the game. Lil making it to the final two after being the 3rd person voted out and turning on her tribe. Backstabbing galore to go with the pirate theme. Sandra winning (not the best part of it). Jon not winning. Definitely good. Rupert making it to the final 5, he deserved that. Every episode had a good surprise going on in it.

2. Amazon (season 6): Yes, this isn’t everyone’s favorite. But I loved it. You’ve got the first and only deaf contestant (You screwed up, you should’ve won, but at least you voted for the winner in class). You’ve got the first real switching sides in Survivor history. Deana, Alex, and Christy were all blindsided. The first time immunity was given up (Jenna giving it to Heidi because they knew that Christy was gone). Butch getting voted off by the suddenly likable Jenna. I gotta admit, Jenna was my least favorite for, oh, the first 12 episodes. But when it came to the final episode and she humbly said she knew she was next and thanks for keeping her and then went on to vote out two of the three guys and then beat Matt in the finale with a 6-1 vote. Jenna deserves a lot of credit going from power-player to humble-contestant. She deserved to win. And what’s more, it was the classiest vote in Survivor history when Christy went on to vote for Jenna even though she said that she was never going to vote for Christy or Jenna. It was nice to see someone not take it personally when it came to the final vote.

1. Australia (season 2): If you’ve kept count, you knew this was coming. Ok, not a Colby fan. But Tina, Elizabeth, Rodger, Alicia, Mike, Kimmi, and Kel made this season very remarkable. I liked that the Ogakar three (Tina, Keith, and Colby) voted out Jerri. I liked Amber’s vote for Colby in the final two telling Tina that she hadn’t written her name down the entire game and that she still wasn’t. (Amber, switch to join Nick, Rodger, and Elizabeth. It would’ve been smarter.) Oh, and Elizabeth has become one of the biggest Survivor name as she has gone on in her celebrity status and become a co-host on the view. Of course, Elizabeth is my all-time favorite female survivor (and I definitely say she’s the best looking one ever, both on the outside and on the inside.)

Ok, I guess that’s a lot. The answer to yesterday’s question, by the way, is New England and Dallas.


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  1. Zzzzz 😉
    I only watched the first season with nekkid Richard Hatch..

    However, you know what starts tonight? The Biggest Loser! Woot!

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