Lost without TV

Mary gave me a Christmas present a little late this year. Our condo community has the capability of putting an antenna on our roof and feed some local channels to us. It’s useful because we’ll have tv. After yesterday’s Survivor based theme, I’m going to go with a Lost theme today, in honor of getting tv back in time for the Divisional round of the NFL playoffs. But, I’ll also have tv in time for the next Survivor season, and the next Lost season.

Lost is a show I’ve watched from the beginning. I lost interested part-way through the second season and watched some as the season progressed. I missed the 3rd season entirely and eventually got hooked when I saw the island disappear in preparation for the 5th season. So, I went back and watched the 4th season and a couple of episodes that sounded good during the 3rd season. Well, I did watch Charlie die, that sucked.

So, 6 seasons of Lost, 5 to discuss. As always, their ranked.

Season 3 is my least favorite. I’ve read a lot about what happened in the episodes. I wasn’t a big fan on the Ben’s daughter part. It was kinda dull. But, I can’t say a lot about it, so I’ll move on. Oh, and what’s with the chick and the dude being buried alive? There’s far too many inconsistencies with that episode.

Season 2 is the least favorite of a season I’ve seen at least 90% of the episodes of. Michael coming and killing Ana Lucia and Libby. Boo! Too many characters, you’ve gotta kill them off? Thanks a lot Lost.

Season 4 was a good season as it introduced more new characters (a Lost consistency). Faraday was an awesome addition. Charlotte was as well (until they killed her off the following season). Miles added some comic relief. What’s with the grenade, Locke? That guy snapped.

Season 5 was great because of its intensity. I like time travel as a theory (especially since it’s the main focus of a story I want to write one day). I wasn’t too happy with Faraday’s death. But I liked the past and the future and the millions of possibilities. Yeah for a great season there. The finale was kinda cool with an inverted logo that things may have changed.

Season 1 is the best because of its intensity. Yeah, there’s hundreds of questions left unanswered. There’s no easy predictability (well, except when there was a rumor that someone was going to die and I told everyone that it was Boone). It was just amazing in its storytelling capability. Heroes couldn’t match Lost’s first season. Alias doesn’t come close either. 24 was unpredictable but annoying in its first season as well. Lost kept me wondering…what next?

And it still does. I love the show again, especially with it’s shortened seasons. It makes it feel like there’s light at the end of the Lost tunnel.


One Response

  1. Season 1 was my favorite.

    What?! Charlie died?!

    I love Faraday. In addition to making a great doppelganger, Noah actually knows the actor who portrayed Faraday.

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