Nice Now Annoying

It’s been a while since I’ve done annoying top ten list. No seriously, I have the word annoying in their titles. There was the ten things about Utah, things people complain about, and things I’ve never done that people got annoyed at. Today’s list will be the ten tv shows that I used to think were cool, fun, awesome, but are now so annoying, my brothers and sister will probably mock me for even stating them on here. But, thanks to the help of Casey and her sister Gretna, we came up with a good list. Now, the two of them just gave me ideas of shows. There will be a lot of honorable mentions below.

10. (Tie) Out of this World/Small Wonder: One is a show about an alien chick who can freeze time. One is a show about a little girl robot. Trying to take science fiction/fantasy and put it into real current life just isn’t that funny. I know I watched both. I just really can’t remember too much about either. Well, except the annoying neighbors on Small Wonder.

9. Sabrina the Teenage Witch: It’s difficult to actually put this one in the list. But still, Sabrina gets more annoying each time I watch her. Her aunts are…well…..way too weird. What’s it with Wizards/Witches having to live with aunts and uncles. Well turn this to Mr. Kanye West. “I’m sorry, Sabrina, but I think Harry Potter is more powerful as a wizard living with an aunt.”

8. Charles in Charge: “Of our days and our nights”. Come on, you sang it too. Seriously? This was so funny when I was younger. Even when USA showed it as reruns. Now it’s just lame. And then Charles grows up to join Dick Van Dyke on Diagnosis Murder and then leaves the show. That’s when people have career problems, they can’t stick with a show.

7. Who’s the Boss: Now a lot of perverted guys are grateful for this show. Yes, yes, Alyssa Milano (mmmmmm…..Milano cookies) did get her start here. She later acted like a whore on Melrose Place and dressed like one on Charmed. And then she was on Castle and fully dressed. Did she grow up? Anyway, can’t understand Tony. Mona is your typical meddling mom. And I don’t even remember the mom and boy enough to say much. It was cool once. That’s all I know.

6. Facts of Life: “You take the good, you take the bad…” Well, that’s about it. Did you know that George Clooney was on this show? And he had hair! Yeah, like the only actor with a real career after the show went off the air. This show was really weird its first season and not for teenagers. Strange, but as the show progressed, its target audience seemed to get younger and younger. Its first season had an episode about marijuana and its last season had episodes working in a candy store behind the house. Where was this house anyway that had an entrance to this store that had an entrance to a street with shops? Confused? Yeah, I was too.

5. Goosebumps: I actually truly get goosebumps thinking that I actually once liked this show. Really, it was just stupid. I never read the books, and now I’m glad I didn’t. The big surprise in the story was always disappointing. My brother Chris watched one with me (wow, was he bored that day) and was like, “That’s it? Wow, that’s dumb.” You know what, he was right.

4. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: It was difficult to decide between numbers 3 and 4 on who went where. I just had to go with what I thought of the show at the time. Funny enough, when Power Rangers started, it was annoying. Then, because my friends Kimmy and Kirsten watched it, I got into it. I was really into it. I loved it. I wanted to be one. I also wanted to date the pink ranger. Come on, Amy Jo Johnson was hot. Of course, her character on Felicity was a little less interesting. Of course, Felicity was a little less interesting. Anyway, looking back, I have to ask myself, what was I thinking?

3. Sister, Sister: Duh! Let’s see, this week Tia is smart and Tamara is dumb. Next week Tia is dumb and Tamara is smart. Or did I just get the two confused too much. I honestly had no idea which sister bugged me more. And yet, I watched this show. Seriously, Jackee’s voice is one of those that just makes you want someone to rupture your eardrums. Of course, her voice can do that. Oh well.

2. Full House: I bet some of you thought this should be number one. Oh well, you’ll agree with number one I’m sure. I loved this show. I thought it was the best show. It was such a good family show (I’ll stand by that still, actually. But that’s when it’s 3 in the afternoon, my kids are older and I want to nap on the couch). But this show got dumber each time I watched it after its 8 season run ended. I caught a couple of episodes in high school and thought “Wow, this was kinda lame.” Then after high school I saw one and thought “Did I watch this?” Then, it turned into “Ah, what a nice show this was. But now it’s really ridiculously lame.” Especially since the Olson twins have gone on to such things as being the world’s richest brats and one of them wound up on a show about pot. And one of them got a guest spot on Samantha Who? (it’s still sad that it’s off the air now). And one of them became a person of interest in Heath Ledger’s death. But look at the adults. You have the narrator on How I Met Your Mother who also has a few failed shows (that’s the dad, by the way). You’ve got two actors with shows that just failed at each attempt (that’d be Jesse and Becky). And you’ve got an actor that I have never seen in a different venue (that’d be Joey). Well, Joey did do the stupid jackalope thing with the Funniest People show aka fake counter to America’s Funniest Home Videos (which had the dad on it). Oh, and the middle daughter got married to a drug cop and ended up with a meth addiction. Hmmm….how’d that work. Did you deal with it all day, dude, and not want to admit it was at home too? Come on. What kind of cop are you?

1. Saved by the Bell: Really? You didn’t see it coming? There was Saved by the Bell. Then there was Saved by the Bell: The College Years. Which, during its one season run, there began Saved by the Bell: The New Class. You get such stars as Dustin Diamond (who eventually did porn. Seriously, good career man. Did you do it backwards?), Tiffany Amber-Thiessan (who became a ho-ish character on Beverly Hills, 90210),  Elizabeth Berkley (who stripped in Showgirls, stated as the scariest movie by a character in Scream), Lark Voorhies (who’s been on a soap opera and a few guest spots), Mark-Paul Gosselear (who’s still trying to get his career going), and of course Mario Lopez (the only actor with a continuous career during the last 16 years). And then you’ve got its offspring (just learned that offspring was plural) that were flops. And then the various wannabes like California Dreams, City Guys, Hang Time, and USA High. I was turning the channel the other day and saw an episode of Saved by the Bell and thought to myself “Wow, Zack Morris was such a dork. And why is Kelly whining so much?”

Ok, that’s the ten shows I came up with (with some help of course). But let’s go with the honorable mentions from Gretna, Casey, and myself: Family Matters and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (both worth watching in the absolute boredom stage); Blossom, Boy Meets World, Doogie Howser, M.D., My So Called Life, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, Step by Step, Harry & the Hendersons, Alf, Bosom Buddies, The Nanny, and Punky Brewster.

Now, in a category by itself is this last show. The ultimate show that I think I watched just to annoy my brother and sister. It was called “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Yeah, it was dumb then, dumb now. I really don’t know what i was thinking. Maybe I was just getting back at my sister for waking me up when she and her friends would come home late at night and wake me up when I was a baby. Oh, they did it on purpose just to have me entertain them. *shrug and smile*

The answer to yesterday’s useless trivia: even with all the money in the world, I’d rather go to the Super Bowl than do any of the others. But see a baseball game in every baseball stadium in the MLB is a very close second. But just going to one Super Bowl would be a dream come true in my life.

Today’s useless question is brought to you by the letters S, B, and T (for Saved by the Bell):
If I could go back in time and appear on one of the shows that I just named, which show would I wish to appear on?
a) Saved by the Bell
b) Full House
c) Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers
d) Goosebumps


2 Responses

  1. TJ- what an awesome post. I can totally relate to a lot of those. They were the absolute coolest growing up, but watching them now makes me crazy!

  2. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers? That was lame even at the time it was on the air. I use to give people the “I can’t believe your watching this” look when it came on.

    I’m going to have to stand by Sabrina. If it was on I’d still watch it. Of course, I watched iCarly all last year, so maybe I have a soft spot for quirky teenage girls.

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