Survivor, Yes, I am still a fan

You know, I’m a huge Survivor fan. Yes, I like the idea of a bunch of people stuck together on an island or some other desolate region mentally and physically battling one another for $1,000,000. If you don’t, that’s your choice. Yeah, one day, I want to be on Survivor. Yeah, I think it’d be a great way to lose 30 pounds. Yeah, I think it’d suck and I’d be deemed the ‘whiniest’ person out there. I don’t care. It’d be fun.

So of course I’ve been following the information concerning Survivor’s Heroes vs Villains season (and thanks to Survivor, I realized that I was misspelling villain most my life). Guess what, you’re in for a week of Survivor blogs. Which probably means that I won’t get as many hits, unless I was famous or something.

Anyway, with this season of Survivor there are twenty former players back for a third time at the game. There are a bunch of interesting facts about the show that would cause me to wonder what my strategy to be if I were going on it.

1) There are 9 people that are playing this game for a third time. If I were here for a second time I’d be thinking “Nuh-uh, you’ve already had too many chances at this game.”

2) Out of 20 people, 12 of them made it all the way to the end. One of those 12 has done it twice in a period of six months. Out of these 12 finalists are 4 winners. My first targets now become the 4 winners and sadly one of my favorite players since she’s been a back-to-back finalist.

3) Even with 12 of the finalists, there are 2 more that made it to the final 4. One of them did it twice (taking 4th, then 3rd).

4) The remaining six have all been on the jury at least once. The reasons for their being voted out of the game, though, were anywhere from threat to unaligned to “I don’t want you to win”.

5) Since Survivor seasons are filmed back-to-back in near locations nowadays, 19 contestants do not know who the 20th is other than the fact that he’s on the ‘Villains’ tribe. I don’t know about you, but that means ‘target’ to me.

6) There are two people, even with Jeff Probst’s explanation, that should be switched for tribes. I don’t believe that Candice is a hero. I don’t really believe that Danielle is one either, but for some reason, kinda think she deserves it more than Candice. What do I know, I don’t run the show. I just obsessively watch it.

7) Speaking of those two, they are the two that I would most like to not see back on Survivor. I think there were other deserving people. Corinne from Gabon (who I found out couldn’t for work reasons, understandable), Shii Ann (even though her All-Stars portrayal wasn’t so villainous), Julie (but maybe that’d be bad for Jeff since they dated and broke-up), Shambo (yeah, she’d be a villain for her betrayals, but her mullet’s gotta go), Peigh-Gee (or however you spell her name), and my all-time favorite Elizabeth (come on, how can you not call her a hero). I don’t know. I just wasn’t happy when I saw that Candice and Danielle were chosen. Oh well, can’t please all the audience. I’d gun for Candice and Danielle just because I thought they were undeserving.

8) I believe that most of those returning are very deserving of their extra shot at $1,000,000. It’s intriguing to see that four of my favorite ‘heroes’ are back (Rupert, JT, Amanda, and Stephenie). Personally, that’s who I’d target out of respect for the player. (Maybe not Rupert.)

9) Almost every villain is someone that I would make an alliance with just to screw over later on in the game. The only two that I wouldn’t would be Courtney and Randy. I don’t really know why on Randy, but because Courtney was such a ‘useless’ player in China that found her way to the end with a pair of votes to boot, she’s worth aligning with.

10) I think Kathy said it best on All-Stars when she commented “I don’t trust any of you” to the three guys on her tribe. When I looked at that tribe (Rich, Colby, Lex, Kathy, Shii-Ann, and Jenna) I thought that I wouldn’t want to trust any of them either. The same goes for all ten villains and half the heroes this season. I mean, even Sugar seemed untrustworthy when she voted for Matt instead of Bob in the end there.

All in all, I’m glad to see an awesome cast of Survivors. So, here goes for my final four pick (which is going to look odd, but I actually like it). Colby, James, Courtney, and Parvati. Yep, it’s random, but hey it works. (I’d like to see Colby vs Courtney for final two. I really don’t know why. Oh well.)

The answer to my useless trivia from Friday is 6. I moved from Oxnard, CA to Logan, UT in Aug 2003. In Logan I moved from my dorm to another dorm, back to my old dorm, got married and moved to another apartment, we switched apartments to have air conditioning, and then we moved to Orem.

Today’s useless trivia question: What is my world series prediction for 2010?
a) Yankees vs Dodgers
b) Red Sox vs Dodgers
c) Indians vs Dodgers
d) Angels vs Dodgers


3 Responses

  1. Um. the Dodgers are really gonna stink this year since the owners are going through that whole divorce thing.


    I wish it would be D though.

  2. Probably B. Dodgers need to get their post-season act together first. A starting ace wouldn’t hurt either. I don’t think the divorce will effect the outcome of management of the game too much this season. I will be sad, however, when Torre retires.

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