Its or It's

It’s awesome when people try to tell me why ‘it’s’ appropriate to be used in a sentence like “If you buy a car, be sure to check its tires.” Yeah, lame sentence, guess I’m not creative today. But a lot of people misuse ‘it’s’ thinking it’s possessive. They try to tell me why ‘it’s’ is just like saying ‘car’s’ (as in our example). Funny enough, it’s actually a different reason altogether, a different logic that nobody seems to want to notice around me.

(Note: I’m not perfect. Yeah, I know, it’s hard for me to admit. I make a million grammar errors in the hundred million words that I type. But, if I’m going over something that’s actually worth something, then I’ll check it over looking for those annoying grammar and spelling errors.)

Let’s diagnose two separate things. Let’s take a car and deem it our object. This car becomes an it. ‘Car’ is a noun. ‘It’ is a pronoun. ‘It’ is like ‘he’ or ‘she’. In fact, in French, a car is referred to as a feminine object. (Kinda ironic I think.) Anyway, so, ‘it’ is a pronoun to replace ‘car’. You can take the sentence “That car is going very fast.” You can change it to “That car’s going very fast” without changing any meaning. In this case ‘car’s’ is a contraction. Replacing ‘car’ with ‘it’ means the sentence becomes “It’s going very fast.” In this case ‘it’s’ is a contraction.

Now let’s delve deeper into this useless problem that no one but grammar Nazi’s are going to care about.

“I want that car’s color” isn’t using the verb ‘is’ in it. ‘Car’s’ is being uses as a possessive. People want to just replace ‘car’ with ‘it’. They want the sentence to read “I want it’s color.” That sentence is grammatically wrong (it took a lot for me to just type it). Anyway, let’s go back to what I said earlier about what type of word ‘it’ is. ‘It’ is a pronoun. Let’s look at our pronouns, they are: I, you, he, she, it, we, and they. If you replace ‘car’ with ‘I’ in the sentence, is it going to read “I want I’s color.”? No, it’s not. Why? Because pronouns take on their OWN POSSESSIVE word. I = my, you = your, he = his, she = her/her, it = its, we = our, and they = their. Because ‘it’ is a pronoun, it has it’s own possessive way of being used. It really isn’t that difficult. ‘It’ isn’t a noun, it’s a pronoun with its own possessive word that stands unique. It’s (as I just showed you) the same as saying I’s, you’s, he’s, her’s, we’s, and they’s when referring to possession.

I’m not a grammar Nazi, I just know what I’m talking about.

Since yesterday’s post, got posted today, I’ll spare you the useless trivia twice in a row. But, if you want to read in my other random posts, enjoy!


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  1. You know what really get’s my goat? These situations:
    7’s instead of 7s
    MAR’s instead of MARs

    They’re plural people, not possessive! Drove me nuts at rugby.

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