Beware the Ides of March Madness

So, I’m hopefully not going to be too boring with posts this week. Each round of the NCAA tournament I’m going to make my pics. I’m going to do half the first round today and half tomorrow. And, I intend to do another post today on some random useless subject.

For today, I’m going to give my Round 1 predictions in two of the brackets: West and South. Why? Well, because BYU and USU are in those brackets. That’s why.


#1 Syracuse vs #16 Vermont: Um…out of all four #1 teams, I think Syracuse is most likely to lose in round one. But this still won’t be the year that it happens. I pick Syracuse.

#8 Gonzaga vs #9 Florida St.: I’m very big on rooting for #9 teams. But for some reason, I’ve gotta go with Gonzaga. I’m not sure why. I think it’s their name.

#5 Butler vs #12 UTEP: I’m calling upset here. I pick UTEP by a point or two. There’s usually a random 11th, 12th, or 13th seed that takes a round one game. This is one that I think will succeed.

#4 Vanderbilt vs #13 Murray St.: I’m going with Vandy here. Part of me wants to call a second upset, but it’s just not happening IMO.

#6 Xavier vs #11 Minnesota: First, I think this should be #6 BYU. But, I think Minnesota’s going to pull this one off. It’s one of the three Big 10 schools I’ve been interested to go to. (Ohio State is NOT one of those 3. Wisconsin and Michigan are the other two)

#3 Pittsburgh vs #14 Oakland: It sounds like an AFC championship game to me. And, as I would in that circumstance, I’m picking Pitt.

#2 Kansas St. vs. #15 North Texas: I think Kansas St is hot and can take the West, much to BYU fans disapproval.

#7 BYU vs. #10 Florida: Ordinarily, I’d go with Florida. But ordinarily, I’d think that Florida would be a #3 seed team. Since this isn’t their shining season, I’m going to hope that BYU doesn’t follow ‘tradition’ and do a round-one choke (especially since I think San Diego State with their MWC championship and lowest seed is most likely to lose round one from their conference). BYU should win this one. That’s a strong ‘should.’ (BTW: I’m not a huge BYU fan. I do root for them over the Univ of Utah, but never over Utah State).


#1 Duke vs #16 (Does it matter): I’m just going to say Duke and move on.

#8 California vs #9 Louisville: I’m picking Cal for this one. They’ve been a pretty good school in the big sports lately.

#5 Texas A&M vs #12 Utah State: Utah State chokes in this tournament far too often. But, I can’t pick A&M, so I’m going to pick Utah State as the year that they don’t let their ranking hurt them. Seriously, losing to Arizona a few years back wasn’t a big deal since it was a 3 vs 14 seed game and Utah State had it tied at the half. I think this newer team can do some more damage than people believe. They should’ve taken the WAC, but were a little tired I’m sure and NM St. was seeking revenge.

#4 Purdue vs #13 Siena: I really want to see Utah State beat A&M and then have Purdue beat Siena and then see USU beat Purdue. My co-worker went to Purdue and something to rub in his face would be awesome. So, I’m picking Purdue.

#6 Notre Dame vs #11 Old Dominion: In all my fun picks, I never pick the Fighting Irish. And since some seriousness has been set aside, I’m picking Old Dominion.

#3 Baylor vs #14 Sam Houson St.: I’m just going to say that Baylor is going to almost be upset, but make it to the next round.

#7 Richmond vs #10 Saint Mary’s: I am going to go with Saint Mary’s. Because I think they’re better? No. Because it’s got my wife’s name in there? Absolutely.

#2 Villanova vs #15 Robert Morris: I’m just going to say Nova and end this post.

Ok, what do you think? Besides ‘don’t care’ or ‘where’s UCSB?’ (both comments I expect some people to say).


2 Responses

  1. I agree with Gonzaga, but no Univ of Washington upset. Come on Tim, they’re red hot.

    • Ok Michael, ESPN gives fans the chance to do 10 brackets. I have only done 6 of them so far. But Washington is winning in 4 of my brackets. Hmmm….maybe today’s post ought to be how many times I picked each team to win the first round.

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