I Can Admit It

Yep, I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong. There were 32 games Thursday and Friday and it’s time to come up with a record of how well I did for round one. By region, here are how my picks went: West 5-3, South 7-1, Midwest 6-2, East 7-1. I’m sure my cousin’s going to rub it in my face that I’d have a perfect East bracket if I had picked Washington over Marquette. Yeah, he was right. I really should have. I wanted to. But come on, wasn’t it a wild too days? I mean a lot of underdogs played great and almost made it to round too: my mind initially is thinking of Wofford and Robert Morris. Well, time to pick for round 2:


#1 Kansas vs #9 Northern Iowa: I don’t see Kansas not making the Sweet Sixteen. Northern Iowa’s low-scoring game against an equally matched UNLV gives me some thought that Kansas isn’t going to have too tough of a time here. But, maybe they will. I’m still picking Kansas.

#4 Maryland vs #5 Michigan St.: This one is tough. I really want to pick Michigan St., but Maryland is one of those few teams that didn’t seem to have an extremely difficult time getting by round one. I’m picking the Terps.

#6 Tennessee vs #14 Ohio: I’d really like to know what the odds were for this matchup? No, I wanted to know how many people really picked Ohio to go to round two? They not only won, they embarrassed Georgetown (a school I really don’t like anyway). I’m going to pick Ohio and hope that a #14 seed makes it to the Sweet Sixteen this year.

#2 Ohio State vs #10 Georgia Tech: I’m going to hope for Ohio vs Ohio State here. I don’t like Ohio State, a lot of people know that. But I don’t think Georgia Tech can beat them here.


#1 Kentucky vs #9 Wake Forest: I would love to pick the Demon Deacons. But I think that if Kentucky’s going to lose before the Final Four, it’ll be against West Virginia. That’s just my thought. Going with Kentucky.

#4 Wisconsin vs #12 Cornell: Ah, another round 2 game that I picked would happen. Of course, enough people were picking Cornell that it didn’t become an upset for them to win. Wisconsin’s tough time against Wofford (who I had never heard of and found myself rooting for) makes me pick Cornell.

#3 New Mexico vs #11 Washington: Hmmm….I was sorry I didn’t pick Washington in the first round, should I go that route again? Yeah, I’m going to pick New Mexico. (Not that I don’t like Washington, I just want to see the Mountain West do well this tournament.)

#2 West Virginia vs #10 Missouri: I was so happy to see that my Mizzou pick over Clemson happened. But, Mizzou’s not going to like that I’m going to puck West Virginia in this one.


#1 Syracuse vs #8 Gonzaga: This is the game that I go against a huge majority (at least, I think I am.) I’m picking Gonzaga here. Syracuse had an awesome first half of the season and a good first round game. But I think there’s an upset in the making here.

#5 Butler vs #13 Murray St: I don’t like either school because they killed my ESPN brackets. Butler had too easy of a time with UTEP, sadly enough. I do think they’ll win here, but Murray St won’t make it easy.

#3 Pitt vs #6 Xavier: Yeah, I picked Xavier going out in round one. Well, nothing against them, but I’ll pick them going out in round 2.

#2 Kansas St. vs #7 BYU: Someone at ESPN named 5 things that people shouldn’t be surprised about. Butler beating UTEP was one of them. BYU beating Kansas St was another. I’m actually going to pick Kansas St here. Why? BYU had a tough time making it to the second round against Florida on Thursday. Now they’re the lower seeded team against a really good Kansas St team. Sorry Cougar fans. (Although, I do have a bracket where BYU takes it all just because I think it’s possible given the right upsets).


#1 Duke vs #8 California: I think Duke is the second #1 team to exit this tournament. But, I think that it comes in the Sweet Sixteen. So, I actually choose Duke (going against all my California pride as well as my dislike for Duke.)

#4 Purdue vs #5 Texas A&M: I’d love to shove it in my co-workers face if Purdue loses to the same team that beat USU. Unfortunately, I’m sure he’s going to rub it in mine when Purdue wins. So, I’m actually going to go with Purdue and move on.

#3 Baylor vs #11 Old Dominon: Rule #1 in my tournament predictions is always this: Do not pick Notre Dame. And I didn’t. See, I was right. We’ll see if I’m right again as I’m actually picking Baylor.

#2 Villanova vs #10 St. Mary’s: Wow, I really want to pick St. Mary’s and go against all my ESPN brackets. I do think that Robert Morris scared ‘nova enough to make them play like the #2 seed that they are. I’m going to say that it’s going to be a tough one for Villanova, but they’ll be able to pull it off.

Ok, there are my round two picks. We’ll see how well I do. For round one my overall record is: 25-7. Not bad, a C+


2 Responses

  1. Going against Washington again Tim? They are a number 12 seed, but the highest west coast team is a number 8 and all 3 came out winners. I hate to break this to you but Washington is going to upset New Mexico. I like your Cornell pick and in spirit love Gonzaga upsetting the Orangemen, but not sure if they have enough fighting power.

  2. I predicted UCSB would lose in the first round. Do I get a prize?

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