Evil Goals Are Working

So, picking teams isn’t my forté….or is it?

In my picks on Saturday morning, I went 1-3 in the Midwest (Wow!), 3-1 in the East, 2-2 in the West, and 3-1 in the South. That’s a total of 9-7 for round two and an overall score of 34-14. That’s not too bad. We’ll see if I can do better this round.


#5 Michigan St vs #9 Northern Iowa: I’m guessing Michigan State is relieved that they’re not playing Kansas. However, both MSU and NIU had tough second round games……I really don’t want to pick because I can see this going either way. But since I’m making myself pick, I’m shooting for the underdog of Northern Iowa and their new 20 million fans.

#2 Ohio St vs #6 Tennessee: Ohio St hasn’t seemed to struggle much. They’re on my list of ‘teams I don’t want to win’, but I’m going to pick them because I think it’s the safer choice.


#1 Kentucky vs #12 Cornell: I’d love to pick Cornell just to have a #12 seed in the Elite Eight. I’m going to go with Kentucky though. And hope that my evil plan of not picking teams I’d rather win will continue (Northern Iowa made it.)

#2 West Virginia vs #11 Washington: I picked against Washington in round 1. My cousin Mike told me I was wrong. Washington won. I picked against Washington in round 2. My cousin Mike told me I was wrong. Washington won. Maybe if I keep picking against them, Washington will win the tournament. To Mike’s dismay, I pick West Virginia.


My work bracket has none of these teams in the Sweet Sixteen: FAIL. But I’ll pick on the two games anyway.

#1 Syracuse vs #5 Butler: Am I surprised that these two teams are playing one another? Yep. Will I be surprised when my boss, who knows nothing about NCAA basketball wins our office brackets because she picked Syracuse to win it all? Nope. I’m thinking Syracuse suddenly looks like the team to beat.

#2 Kansas St vs #6 Xavier: Part of me really wants to pick Xavier. Well, shoot, maybe I’ll annoy myself and do it anyway. I’m picking Xavier to be the team to challenge Syracuse in the Elite Eight.


#1 Duke vs #4 Purdue: I hate Duke. Always have. Not a Tarheel fan either. They can have their rivalry. My wife’s grandfather went to Purdue. I have a co-worker who went there. So obviously, I have to pick Duke because I don’t want them to win.

#3 Baylor vs #10 St. Mary’s: I’d love to pick St. Mary’s. But, I’m going with what I read and hope that Baylor continues their winning streak against teamst-seeded-lower-than-8.

There we have it. My Elite Eight from this blog would be: Northern Iowa, Ohio St., Kentucky, West Virginia, Syracuse, Xavier, Duke, Baylor.

Saturday I’ll post my results that everyone will be mocking. Between now and then, hopefully a few fun writing prompts along with some awesome random stuff.


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