New Zealand Woman Sells Soul to Highest Bidder

Writing Excuses, my favorite podcast (and only one I actually listen to), gave the following as a writing prompt:

Brainstorm your own from this headline: New Zealand Woman Sells Souls To The Highest Bidder… but don’t spoil the process by looking up the actual article.

I have not searched this, but since my title is so awesome, anyone searching it may find me. 🙂

New Zealand Woman Sells Soul to Highest Bidder

Christina Thorburn of Wellington has officially placed her soul for sale on Ebay. She plans on using the money to pay off her mortgage.

In 2003, Christina’s husband Richard passed away from heart disease. About ten months before Richard’s passing, the Thorburn’s had purchased a beautiful home in the southeastern section of Wellington. Richard became a VP at The National Bank of New Zealand in June of 2000. Unfortunately, Richard did not claim Christina as his main heir. David Thorburn, his son from his first marriage, received all of Richard’s life insurance. Christina was widowed with two children, Sophia (then 13) and Alexander (then 11) and a hefty savings account

Three months after Richard’s death, Christina Thorburn began working at a local grocery store. But when it closed in mid-2009, Thorburn was really uncertain how to live off what was left of her savings. “I tried looking for work. But it became discouraging.” Thorburn suffered from a minor mental breakdown and is being treated for depression.

Recently, she decided that she would try to sell her soul. When none of the local banks and auction houses would sell it, Thorburn went for the global auction website: Ebay. The auction closed last night with the high bid of 200,000 New Zealand dollars (a little over 142,000 American dollars). The winning bidder’s handle is ‘dvlnsde.’ At this time, it is uncertain when the winning bidder will take possession of Thorburn’s soul.

(Ok, that was fun. Until next time: Be Random!)


2 Responses

  1. Crap. Now where am I going to come up with that $200k NZD? I wasn’t really expecting to win…

  2. You should start writing for The Onion now. This would be a perfect article for their ludicrous collection. 😀

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