Awesome Things to Enjoy

So, Pandora just started playing “Pork and Beans” by Weezer. I don’t know why, but I think it’s an awesome song. Well, I know why. A) The song isn’t yelling at me in an attempt to get some sort of subliminal message across. B) It’s got great lines that people need to hear. and C) There’s a part of the music video where bits of “Will It Blend?” from Blendtec is featured. Yeah, I used to work there and think it’s awesome that this song’s video is making fun of Youtube’s viral marketing.

Anyway, that song put me in a good mood. It makes me smile. What are other things that make me smile? My son’s smile. Wow, it’s just so great. Honestly, when he smiles he just lights up a room. What else? My daughter’s smile. The other day she was so happy when Mary and I gave her something that she said thank you and gave me a hug. What else? Buying my wife flowers or making her blush.

There are so many things about life to enjoy. Despite the fact that it rained/snowed today in Utah, I’m actually happy that it did. Yeah, I want it to be clearer so that I can convince Mary to let me go golfing. But I also want to take a nice relaxing shower without having to time myself. (That would mean I don’t like droughts.)

Speaking of golfing. It made me smile to find a $1 lefty 3-wood yesterday. (Oh shoot, forgot to inform my sister of that. Ok, now I did. Back to important things.) I also got a different bag because the one I had looked like a little kid’s bag or it was just broken in a spot that would make it difficult to carry. I hated wasting the money, but the new bag looks pretty nice. Oh, and until I get a putter I officially own a 3-iron, 4-iron, 6-iron, 8-iron, 10.5 driver, 3-wood. After the putter I’ll just tack it on that list.

Wednesday night I had the awesome opportunity to go to a League of Utah Writers – Utah Valley Chapter meeting. Yeah, it was awesome. Jeff Savage or (J. Scott Savage, whichever you wish to refer to him as) did a great presentation. I don’t own any of his books so I didn’t get his signature. But that’s ok. No big deal. I already have it on a poster for his second book that I got at The Book Academy conference last September. Either way, going to the writers group reaffirmed my faith in myself as a writer. Don’t know why. The annoying thing was there were a couple of people that I wanted to talk to afterward, but didn’t get a chance to since they were talking to each other and I was going to fall asleep waiting on them.

Funny enough, I saw that Stacy Whitman of Tu Publishing posted on her twitter that she just got her girl scout cookies. I referred her to my cookie monster blog entry and was surprised to see that I received 2 hits from twitter and 4 onto that post today. I wonder if Stacy actually clicked it or if it was someone else who either a) hadn’t read it and decided to do so or b) went to it thinking it was a new blog and was disappointed. *shrug*. But if Stacy saw it and loved it and had to recommend it to all her friends…well, that’d be awesome.

I did a few things that made me smile. Now I’m going to discuss something that made me frown recently. I really have been enjoying reading Rick Riordan’s (his last name is a word? Really?) The Lightning Thief. I’ve been enjoying the Greek god references and such. Well, there’s a problem. It didn’t seem like he knew much about Denver or Vegas as his main character went to both places. Denver has a high elevation. Yes it does. However, Denver isn’t surrounded by mountains. It’s somewhat flat as it sits atop a plateau. There are the Rockies to the west and not a lot to the direct east. And really, it’s all downhill (unless I’m overly mistaken) to the north and south. Percy Jackson, however, expresses the overwhelming feeling that came with being completely surrounded by mountains. Oh, and the Amtrak doesn’t go to Denver like in the book. The other thing I have to complain about this book is that Las Vegas hotels do have an order. Having been to the strip more times than I’d like to count, I can tell you this: Going North you have The HOTEL at Mandalay Bay, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, and Excalibur (pre-Tropicana). To the right you have Tropicana. You cross the street and you have New York, New York to your left and MGM Grand to your right. Well, funny enough, the Monte Carlo and Treasure Island hotels were suddenly right there in the southern part of the strip with them. According to The Lightning Thief they were. I mean, if you’re going to go somewhere that millions of people have been to, please get a topographical and political map of the area.

Well, it’s Friday. Isn’t it great? Obviously, I was a round early on Syracuse’s demise. Excited for Kentucky St. versus Butler. I think Butler is out with something to prove right now. And I’m still hoping that I can claim something and see West Virginia win it all. If not, I’ll just continue my losing streak at NCAA tournament picks.


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