Nothing to See Here

Ok, there really is something to see here. I just really like that line from one of my daughter’s Veggie Tales movies.

My friend Heather is needing my help entering a contest for an iPad. Yes, I know I’m against Apple and their hostile takeover of the world (maybe not hostile). Anyway, she needs to advertise this link concerning leadership. She took the quiz and ended up with an ‘office fox’. I’d like to enter, but then, knowing my luck, I’d win the iPad (which part of me does secretly want, and not to blend up in my TotalBlender).

In other news, I’m pretty stressed with work and such. But, I found time to apply for next season’s The Apprentice. Yes, I know that this season is ‘Celebrity Apprentice’. But that’s not what next season is. It’s normal plain ol’ Apprentice. And I honestly think it’d be more fun to do than Survivor. Why (being a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE Survivor fan)? 1) I don’t have to starve. 2) You’re ‘fired’ based on your own merits, not some alliance. 3) In the end, I would get a job that would give me a huge step forward into a career that I don’t plan on taking. Yeah, I’m not an MBA, but that doesn’t mean I’m not smart enough to compete with some MBAs. Shoot, they need someone like me. Why? Because I’m me.

Yeah, I didn’t keep up on my Final Four. Well, from the Elite Eight to the Final Four I did verbally pick: Baylor, W. Virginia, Butler, and Michigan St. So I would’ve got 3 out of 4 there. I verbally picked Butler and W. Virginia to be in the championship at this point. Obviously that’s a 1 for 2. But, I did say that Duke was going to beat Butler, even though I was rooting for Butler. That would’ve been 1 for 1. One day I’m going to get a 100% on my bracket. One day….

Well, look for a post tomorrow and until then…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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  1. I played with my friend’s iPad yesterday. Pretty nifty.

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