Miss Me?

Yep, I know you did. I shouldn’t bother asking.

Thursday afternoon, my family and I headed out to Colorado to see my brother for a few days. It was a beautiful drive. I had fun playing Magic with my brother Chris (not performing magic spells like I wish, but the card game is a suitable substitute). Lizzie had fun playing with her cousins. James had fun racing up two flights of stairs. And Mary didn’t have fun being sick the first day of our trip. My dad and other brother came as well. Sadly, my sister wasn’t there. But hopefully, I’ll be golfing with her in July. (I added two more woods to my collection, along with another 8-iron. One day, I’ll write down what I have so I don’t have repeat purchases. Of course, finding cheap used lefty clubs is always a plus in my life.)

Ah, and to add to the fun of the trip, we got to go to LaFayette and see Casey, Noah, and their baby. Pictures will be coming. Casey and I took the best ‘awkward family photo’ (especially since we’re not family.) It was a good trip all-in-all. But it’s always nicer to come home.

So, writing. I started to come up with a new story idea while on the trip. And then I realized, I was following a pattern that I don’t wish to follow. So….I’m going to think about it again and see what to do.

Right now, I’m going to not submit any more queries until I get some feedback that I’m expecting (but haven’t received yet). Also, there are a couple of contests that I’ve entered with my book. Hopefully, I’ll win something. If not, oh well. Either way, I want to hold off until these things are over so I can add ‘contest winner’ to my query if I do luckily win. Well, I guess it’s not luck as much as it is talent. But whatever, keep your fingers crossed.

Until my brain starts functioning and I have something better to say (or rather, until next time):

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. You gonna add that pic to the awk website?

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