I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I hate to be one to brag…..unless I’ve got something completely awesome to brag about. And I feel that this particular item is ‘brag worthy’ of me today.

Many people have told me “Hair loss is hereditary from the mother’s side of the family.” Basically, the theory that I’ve come to understand (and flare up against) is this: If your mother’s father is bald, you will be bald. I never truly believed this theory.

My mother’s father died at the age of 72 (almost 73) and had a fairly thick head of hair. Yeah it was thinning a little, but not to the point that he was deemed ‘bald’ by any means.

On the opposite side, my father’s father was short and bald. Very bald at that. All my life, I recall him as bald. I’ve only seen pictures with him having hair. Yeah, he had some hair on the back of his head as well as the sides. But that was all.

Anyway, my brothers and I, when we’re together, almost always end up with a discussion of hair. We have very little up top. So imagine my surprise and joy at reading this ‘expert advice’ about hair loss. Let me just sum up what I’m pointing my finger at, quite excitedly mind you. It states, and I wholeheartedly quote: “Another common myth is that the genes for hair loss come from the mother’s side of the family. Although the inheritance from the mother’s side is slightly stronger, balding can also be inherited from father’s side.”

So there! All you “they say”ers out there, listen up! You’re not correct. Yeah, it’s stronger on the mother’s side, but not impossible from the father’s side. Wow! After years and years of debate among my family, I finally have some ground to stand on. Yeah, we’re talking about “Men’s Health” magazine here, but still. They’ve got to have some credibility. Until someone shows how they’re compared to Enron, then I will stand by what they said in today’s information, thank you very much.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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