My Feel Good Moment

There is no way I’m going to be able to top my most previous post. Yesterday, I had over 200 visits to my blog. From the looks of it, over 180 unique people reading “Timothy Types TMI” in one day. The only way I’m going to get more visits is if I were to actually become a published author. In addition to blog hits, I had more comments with that post than I did with any of my previous posts, even if you take out my own remarks.

For certain: Eight of my twenty contestants all read it and commented. I’m still ‘wow’ing over it. Annette Lyon was kind enough to share with all her friends, which is probably where the majority of the visits came from. So my small moment of LDS Writer fame is all thanks to Annette. She deserves a box of chocolates the next time I see her. Plus, if you haven’t read the comments section yet, you should. There’s some great trash talk from some of the contestants. (Personal favorites are Sarah’s and Josi’s thoughts.)

To top it off, I was amazed to wake up this morning and discover that I had six visitors today. The thing that shocked me: Two of them clicked on links to my blog from ‘Mormon Times.’ I saw that this morning and thought “What?” So I had to click on it to see how my blog was in the Mormon Times’ website. Big thanks need to go out to Emily Jensen for her brief mention that makes my joy out of yesterday’s post continue on.

Now, there are some honorable mentions who I wish I could’ve included, but seeing as how no season of Survivor goes over 20 people, I had to limit my entries. Some of those that didn’t make the ‘cut’ are Heather B Moore, Jannette Rallison, Michele Ashmen Bell, Lisa Mangum, Stephanie Black, Clint Johnson, and gurus Orson Scott Card and David Wolverton/Farland. If I could open it up to the LDS writing community (i.e. editors), I would have to add Joshua P. (I think Perkey) and, of course, Kirk Shaw. Regardless, I would need a team to help me put together fun/funny challenges for my 20 contestants. And see, those are the people who I would want helping me come up with random challenges. Like how many autographs can you sign in a minute or who can come up with the best story mocking Ender’s Game.

So, let’s steer slightly away from a fake Survivor that’s never going to take place (unless someone wants to help me rope up enough people to actually play it, film it, and present it at the next LDS Storymakers…hint hint wink wink). There’s a certain thing about affirmation. We all like feeling important. Yeah, I really like to feel important (especially since I’m only important to a small group of people). But I also like to feel entertaining. More than feeling important, I wish to entertain people. And not in the whole “I’m notorious for doing some stupid crime and getting it watched on youtube by millions of people.” I like saying things that get people to laugh (although I’m not as funny as Howard Tayler or Marion Jensen.) In the LDS writing community, Annette made my randomly entertaining post semi-popular. Again, need to find those chocolates to send to her, and we’re talking a big See’s Candy thank you. Not the ‘Wal-mart had this after-Easter candy box’ for fifty cents.

But you know what’s funniest about my previous post? The person that I think it entertained the most is me. I wrote it without feeling out of my element. David West did a great post recently that I think everyone should read concerning viewpoints. Well, it wasn’t called viewpoints, it was called “A Question of Story/Taste”. Regardless, like the themes in that post, I don’t write things that I don’t feel steer from me or my personality. Brandon Mull has stated many times that he writes books that appeal to him. If I was given an offer from someone to write a romance novel, I’d have to turn them down. I mean, look at my example of romance writing for a reference here. Sarah Eden’s “Two Guys at a Gym” is more proper as a guy genre. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re missing out. If you do know what I’m talking about, you’re smiling/laughing.) Regardless, I love Survivor. I enjoy seeing the success of my fellow LDS authors. And in so doing, I enjoyed pitting them against each other in a fake Survivor.

I’m entertained by games. I really wish I could be on Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, or The Apprentice. Shoot, more than anything, I’d enjoy the games. I’d love to be on the team that came up with the competitions for these shows. That’d be fun. Plus, I wouldn’t have to listen to my voice while it was airing.

I’ve been entertained by so many different authors, this was just a way to say “Hey, I think you’re cool” without looking like a major stalker (I know, too late). Some of the people I named in yesterday’s post, I haven’t read a word of their work. Actually, most of the people I’ve either never read their book or only read the beginning. I’m a fan of some of these people because of who they are. I’ve only read complete books by Mull and Dashner. My wife has read Nunes, Pike, and, of course, Meyer. I’ve started books by both Wells, Borrowman, Lyon, Sanderson, and Savage. Technically, I’ve read about 30 or 40 of Howard’s Schlock Mercenary cartoon strips. But I’ve never read a word of the other half of the people’s work. (Of course, Elana has tasers in her book….intriguing.) The majority of these people I’ve heard speak and I think they’re awesome for it. Each one is talented in his or her own right. Each one is well-known for different things. (Even Elana is well-known with her winning the ‘most rejections in a year’ award.) Everyone deserves a feel good moment. This past post’s response became mine for the week. Now…on to do some useful writing….Well…..maybe….but I honestly can’t help but think “Is there really a way to get at least 16 of these authors together on a Saturday with a small camera crew, random games, and tiki torches?”

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


2 Responses

  1. Sigh. I’m pretty sure I didn’t make the cut because someone (Rob, probably) let it slip that I’m a horrible wimp, and where’s the fun in a contestant who hides under a rock humming old Barry Manilow songs to block out scary noises?

    Seriously, this was a hilarious idea, and it’s so fun to see the back-and-forth among the contestants. Awesome stuff!

    • Must not forget to add Larry Correia and John Brown in my backup cast. Shoot, Larry Correia and Dan Wells would make for a scary combination.

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