No More Soundtracks!

My daughter has started to love Disney soundtracks. She’s 3 and can’t get enough of our compilation cds. So, in honor of that random thought (and my poor friend Casey who’s had one Disney song stuck in her head for what seems like 3 weeks now), I’m doing a Top 10 list today: Disney Songs That Don’t Leave Your Head…

10. Can You Feel the Love Tonight: Yep, this Oscar winning song can go away. And please do so quickly. It’s a beautiful song, but once Elton John starts belting “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” in the chorus, I want to start poking pencils in my ear in hopes that it’ll go away. It didn’t help that this was one of those songs that people would sing when two people were arguing.

9. Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo: The worst part of this song is that the French version is almost exactly the same as the English version, with a more annoying voice singing it. And, having it stuck in your head in French while watching Cinderella in English grates on the nerves that much more.

8. You Can Fly: Really? I can? No, just Peter, Wendy, Michael, and John can. Oh, and Nana. Isn’t Nana the best character in the entire movie? Anyway, I read the words to this song once. I think the phrase “You Can Fly” was repeated 800 times. (Ok, I may overexaggerate from time to time.) (BTW, WordPress doesn’t recognize overexaggerate as a word.) What an annoying song!

7. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: What? That’s not a word WordPress?! Oh well. Anyway, I didn’t see Mary Poppins until I was 12. And before that time, I knew this word so well that it could get stuck in my head just with the word “super.” For some reason, I don’t see what’s so “super” about it.

6. The Work Song (Cinderelly): I know, for a fact, that I annoyed my two older brothers by singing this song. Then I heard it one day on a cd when I was about 15, after not hearing it for years. Yeah, I wanted to find Lucifer and stick him on those mice.

5. Be Our Guest: Another of my top ten favorite Disney songs. But again, if you count the number of times the words “Be Our Guest” pop up in this song, you’ll be confused as to why this song was one of three nominated for Best Song that year at the Oscars. (Yes, I do know some useless trivia like that. I can also tell you that the Buffalo Bills lost Super Bowls XXV-XXVIII to three different teams: NY Giants, Washington, and Dallas.)

4. Under the Sea: Wow, this also goes into my top ten. But, Sebastian’s voice is like nails to a chalk board if this song gets played more than once a week.

3. Colors of the Wind: If you asked me what my all-time favorite Disney animated, non Pixar movie is, the answer would be a toss up between Mulan, Tarzan, and Beauty and the Beast (for the record, I “proposed” to Belle when I was 22.) But, if you were to ask me which is my least favorite: Pocahontas takes first place. By the time this song got sung in the movie my dad and oldest brother were both asleep. My mom looked like she was nodding off. My older brother was doodling or something. And I thought: Who are those liars that said this movie was sooooo good?

2. Zero to Hero: I love mocking this song. When my friend Kirsten had me join her and other members of her gymnastics squad for a performance (I danced to “Zoot Suit Riot” with her and 8 others), little did I know that I’d be hearing some very annoying songs. Zero to Hero became one of them. So, I had to make up my own lyrics for the chorus…”Who put the glad in gladiator?” “That’d be me!” “Whose daring deeds are great theater?” “That’d be me!” “Isn’t he bold?” “No one braver” “Isn’t he sweet?” “Our fav’rite flavor” “That’d be me!” “That’d be me!” “That’d be me!” You get the picture. Honestly, my lines are better.

1. Prince Ali: And in honor of new mother Casey who wakes up at 2 in the morning to feed her baby and ends up with “Prince Ali” in her head, I’m putting it at number one. Honestly, I’ve heard her complaining about Prince Ali for a few weeks and couldn’t not put it here.

Did you notice something about my #1 and #2 songs? Look closely. No? Don’t get it? They’re the most arrogant, vainest, self-centered, ego-boosting songs that Disney has put out. And they get stuck in your head. Good job Disney! “That’d be me!” “That’d be me!”………

What gets stuck in your head?

Alien abductions are involuntary but probings are scheduled.


2 Responses

  1. Seriously! What is it about 2am that pops Prince Ali into my head? And it must have been plaguing me for a couple months now and it’s all because Pandora thinks Disney songs belong on my John Williams station!

  2. I avoid the Disney soundtracks as much as possible but I know the feeling, my kids music does get stuck in my head. The last few days its been the Eloise theme song. I think I woke up with that still playing.

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