How good of a memory do you have? Me? Oh my memory’s awesomely weird. (I’d like to point out that ‘awesomely’ is an adverb according to WordPress.)

Let’s go through some examples on why my memory is weird, shall we? Well, I’m going there and you just get to come with me.

1) I can tell you the birth dates of the following people: Dad, Mom, 3 of my 4 grandparents, both my brothers, my sister, both my brothers’ wives (that’s one each, not two each, we’re not that kind of Mormon), two of my cousins, two of my aunts, my wife (duh!), my daughter, my son, all my nephews, and my wife’s living natural niece (don’t ask, long story), most my wife’s nephews, a  lot of my friends, and of course: mine. I can tell you close proximity to the birthday of many other family members and friends. I can also tell you the anniversary of my grandparents, my parents, my brothers, my sister, and a few other people. Most importantly is my own, of course.

2) Twelve years ago today, I got my driver’s license. It’s one of those things that I just recall. I got my license on May 7, 1998. Don’t ask me why I know it. I just do.

3) If I was in any of my high school or college classes, don’t ask me what we were talking about. I don’t think I paid enough attention because it wasn’t entertaining.

4) I can tell you where each Survivor season took place, in order. I can tell you each of the winners, in order. I can tell you who got voted out when in most seasons. I cannot tell you the challenges played or when for the majority of them (unless they’re one of my favorites like the ‘perch’ competition in Australia.) I can also tell you random trivia. Example: There are only six players (Rupert, Jerri, Colby, Sandra, Parvati, and Russell) left this season. 4 of them (Rupert, Jerri, Colby, Sandra) come from a season before the first all-stars. 4 (Colby, Sandra, Parvati, Russell) of them have made it to the end of the game. 4 (Colby, Rupert, Jerri, Parvati) of them are playing this game for a third time. 2 of the players (Colby and Jerri) have been on the same tribe at least once each time they’ve played. 2 more (Rupert and Sandra) have been in an alliance before. 2 of them (Sandra and Parvati) have won the game. At this point in the game, this is the furthest that Jerri has ever made (having placed 8th and 10th in her previous two seasons.)

5) I cannot tell you what was said between two people. I can never requote someone unless I write it down. I have difficulty remembering what was said during lectures, speeches, talks, keynotes, etc. But I can tell you whether or not I enjoyed it. For example, if you need a recommendation on who to have keynote your next big author convention, I’ll give you a good list of people.

6) I can be given instructions from my boss. Walk the 25 feet to my desk and absolutely forget what I was supposed to be doing. I do it all the time.

7) Here’s the final thought to my memory. I only remember what I want to. If, at the point in time, I pay enough attention and energy on something, I’ll never forget it. No matter how hard I try. Believe me. If I don’t pay much attention or am not interested in what you’re telling me, I won’t remember it. No matter how hard I try. Believe me.

How’s your memory?

Here’s the one thing to remember:

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


3 Responses

  1. You cant recall conversations between two people, but you can quote any episode of Friends. 😀

  2. Speaking of the inability to remember conversations, no way could I ever write a memoir. I’d never be able to remember what anyone said.

  3. I completely relate-frustrates the heck out of my wife cuz IF I don’t remember I was eithger very distracted or I didn’t care and she usually knows which is the truth.

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