The Holidays I'm Looking For

Well Mother’s Day is over. Know that I am poorer having purchased 3 items for my wife of varying cost. Ok, I didn’t spend a lot a lot (that’s my daughters phrase for “a lot”) but I did get her something she really wanted. And it was a surprise, so that’s the best part. We also purchased a book called “Silly Tilly” for my mother-in-law. It’s a book that one of my wife’s nephews (Samuel) checked out at the library sometime ago and my mother-in-law had to go check it out from the library after he went home. Well, I told Mary (again, that’s my wife for anyone that hasn’t been visiting my blog for long) that we should get it for her mom for Mother’s Day. So we found it at and bought it for her. My daughter and her cousins love this book. My son’s 1 and loves to eat books still so….. And, for those wondering about my own mother, know that she passed away 8 years ago. I always honor her on Mother’s Day by wearing a purple tie to church.

Anyway, I’m going to just make up some holidays that I think should either be celebrated more or just created:

1) Doughnut Day: Of course! Whoever doesn’t want to celebrate this is evil! Ok, not really, but still….they’re doughnuts! I actually have a friend who, after we die, we have plans to meet up for doughnuts in Heaven because we’re so certain they’re there. You can have your Philadelphia Cream Cheese: I want my Chocoloate Chip Roll from K.D. Donuts in Ventura.

2) Fancy Chocolate Day: Yeah, I’m a chocolate snob. I’ll admit it. If you’ve known me long enough, you know that I always say “If I could get on a plane and fly to Brussels, then get on a train and go to Liege, then take a bus to the Galler Chocolate ‘Outlet’ Store, spend a lot on chocolate, then take that bus back to the train station, take the train back to Brussels, and then get on an airplane  home, I would.” Seriously, Galler chocolate is that good. If I had a last meal request, it’d totally be Galler Chocolate. But honestly, there should be a holiday where you have to eat at least one piece of chocolate that didn’t come from the Hershey or Nestle or Mars factories. Just saying….

3) International Writing Day: Now, this is a holiday that needs a day off. I vote for November 30th to coincide with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) so all those slackers can get their novels written if they procrastinated that far. Well deserving of a day if they finished before that month. It’s a total win-win.

4) Just Eat It Day: This is a day where you have to eat something that you’ve never tried before. I’ve got a good long list of things that I’ve never tried before. I don’t think this will go over too well, but at least Mary could honor it so she can try something even if it seems ‘weird.’

5) Learn a New Game Day: This is a Saturday celebration. No need to feel that you ‘wasted’ a Saturday either, because this is supposed to be fun. You go to your local game store and find a game that you’ve never played before. (Preferably, one that is recommended by someone at the store.) You buy it or see if they have a copy that you can try out. People need to relax and play more board/card games. Trivial Pursuit doesn’t count (unless you’re that smart and truly not nerdy enough to not have played it before.)

6) Silent Boycott Day: So this is a day where you avoid a store that without its presence you’d die. So, for some of us it’s Wal-Mart. For others, its IKEA. For those who spend money on things that aren’t cheap, it’s (where’s my sister and her vast knowledge of chic stores when I need it) Nordstrom! Whatever it is, stay away from that store that day. I don’t know why this would be fun, but it would sure freak out some businesses. Imagine if Wal-Mart’s parking lot was empty, minus its employees.

7) Local/City Reality TV Day: Each city can take a reality show (preferably: Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, The Mole, or The Apprentice) and have a live competition. It’d be awesome (well, to me and Elana Johnson, my fellow reality fan.) But it’d be fun/funny to watch local people do this. They can win a trophy, maybe get some donations. Imagine being followed by cameras. I mean, the Survivor thing could just be a few hours, as could all the other things. But it’d a lot of fun for participants.

8) (That’s supposed to be an 8. But I noticed it after I posted it. It looks awesome, so I’m leaving it there.) Pay It Forward Day: Did you see the movie? If not, paying it forward means giving something to someone else for no reason other than ‘just because.’ Now, this is a personal day where you get to decide which day it is that you celebrate it. Because, let’s face it, forcing someone to do something nice for someone would be like making a rebellious teenager go with the family to Disneyland over hanging out with his/her friends all weekend. In the end, it’s not pretty. I’d even say a nice donation to a charity is good. Because of Celebrity Apprentice, I’d like to donate to the HollyRod foundation, if I had money. But it’s a charity I’ve never heard of before, but one that I’m glad exists.

9) Old Classic Day: Find a television show that ended at least ten years ago, which you never watched, and start watching it. Recently, Mary and I started watching Newsradio. I’d never seen it before. I’d heard of it, but never watched it. Wow! It’s so funny and very good. (If you’re looking for something funny to watch, that’s something for ya.)

10) Education Day: There needs to be more of this. Education day is a day where you spend a few hours learning a topic you know nothing about. Anything from learning more about Kennedy’s assassination to Jack the Ripper to how to speak Swedish. All that matters is that you’re learning. Honestly, if I stopped learning, I think my life would suck. Learning something new everyday is beneficial to keep the mind going.

There you go. What holiday do you think should exist?

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


2 Responses

  1. Well, obviously 8 makes you happy. 8)

  2. My Holidays:

    1. Belgian Beer Appreciation Day
    2. Surf Monday
    3. Surf Friday
    4. Big Wednesday, aka Surf Wednesday
    5. Golf Tuesday
    6. Surf & Golf Thursday
    7. Community Service Day
    8. or 🙂 Pay It Forward Day
    9. Sustainable Living Day
    10. Eco-Awareness Day (6 months after Earth Day so what everyone learned on that day can be reinforced)
    11. Ban Plastics Day
    12. Stop Littering Day

    I could come up with so many!

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