Before I get into today’s topic, I must say that my favorite agent-focused blog is offering a contest for Fantasy/Sci-Fi writers that I intend to enter. (Funny, some people would probably advise me against it, but whatever.) Here’s a link to the “Guide to Literary Agents” blog contest. And I’ll have to add them to my blogroll. I’ll be advertising it on Twitter as well. Do they deserve that much advertising? Yeah, because it’s an awesome blog. (I’m saying ‘they’ but I really believe it’s just a ‘he.’ Oh well.)

Anyway, the point of today’s blog is a sort-of response to a comment that a friend of mine put on her facebook page. She stated that basketball great-turned-commentator Reggie Miller stated “Laker fans are very subjective.” Forgive me for this classic he said (me) she said (my friend) he said (Reggie Miller).  But I’m going to go on a wild guess here and state that 99.9% of all sports fans are subjective, otherwise, they’d be robots. My point is this: fans are subjective. Really? Yeah, they are. I’ve heard Steeler fans boo commentators when they stated that Big Ben did not cross the line for a touchdown against Seattle. I’ve heard Laker fans yell at the refs for not calling a simple travel call. But honestly: I don’t think Big Ben crossed the line, I don’t think that person was travelling. In the end, it’s because they’re a fan of that person/team and said person/team should be doing no wrong.

If fans weren’t subjective there would be no such thing as a fair weather fan or a die hard fan. I live in Utah. I’ve been subjectively called a Fair Weather Laker Fan. I was deemed a Fair Weather Dodger Fan. I was also called a Fair Weather Tampa Bay Rays fan. (Shoot, I’m a fan of anyone in the AL East that aren’t the Yankees or the Red Sox.) But you know what, I don’t fit a ‘fair weather’ description. I got offended once when a friend called me a fair weather fan just because the Lakers are winning. Obviously, he looked down upon fair weather fans. My response: “You do recall that I’m from Southern California, Dude, right?” This same friend, however, defined fair weather fan. He went to a certain high school and never cared for football that much after he graduated. But he started attending their games when they “started having winning seasons.” Come on! Don’t be a pot calling a kettle black. (Although nowadays, pots and kettles come in blue, green, red, orange, etc.) Please, I’m not a fair weather fan. I went to a Jazz game in 2004. Of course, they were playing the Lakers. And yeah, I rooted for the Lakers. The Jazz are actually my 2nd favorite team in the NBA. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the Lakers are still my number one and I’m still going to root for them. If, heaven forbid, the Suns go on to the NBA Championships, then I’m going to root for them since they represent my half of the country.

On the opposite end: my sister represents a die hard fan. She’s a die hard Laker fan. A die hard Dodger fan. Win or lose, she’s still rooting for them. Even if she knows they’re going to lose, she’s still rooting for them. She’s also a die hard Los Angeles fan. (This doesn’t have to be just sports.) She’s a die hard Belgian Beer fan (as much as I am a die hard Belgian Chocolate fan.) But fans are fans because they LIKE something. (Sometimes love, but that may require professional help.) Like is a verb that requires subjectivity. Duh! I’m sorry Reggie Miller, but just because you played basketball so well for so long, it doesn’t make you an expert in public speaking. Is there such a thing as an objective Pacer fan?

So yeah, fans are subjective. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be fans. If there are any 100% purely objective fans out there, I’m sure aliens will be abducting them shortly to figure out how they’re so emotionless. Speaking of…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


2 Responses

  1. Reggie Miller is bitter because he never played professionally here for the Los Angeles Lakers. Period. He was born in Riverside, went to UCLA, and then had to spend his professional life in Indy. Boo-hoo. Big baby.

    P.S. He’s probably angry too since he spent his childhood in Riverside. Bummer.

    How’s that for subjective! 🙂

  2. I think the word “awesome” and “truthful” pretty much sums it up.

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