Be Not Aware of Thursday the 13th

Last Friday, I posted on Facebook (and may have put it on this blog, if not I’m saying it again) that it had been 12 years since I got my drivers license. Yeah 12 years. I’ve been driving as long as the tweenies have been alive. Great.

Well, today marks another day in useless trivia about me. There are two items that make today special. One, it has been one year since my wife and I closed on our condo. Best debt I ever got myself into. No, seriously, it is. After living for over 3 years in my in-laws basement apartment (yes, it had its own entrance, bathroom, kitchen, etc.), it was nice to finally be out in our own place. I am grateful for my in-laws, but I am much happier in my own home.

The other item is that today makes the longest amount of time that I’ve ever held a job.  Believe me, this is a great achievement, something I’ve looked forward to since the beginning of the year. I was at my old company for 1 year 11 months and 10 days before they decided to let me go because I wasn’t “qualified” for the position they needed. Today is my 1 year 11 month 11th day at this job.  Now, I did spend my first three months in a temp-to-hire position. But that was in name only. After about a two days, my boss was impressed enough to plan on keeping me for as long as I was willing to stay. And I’m willing to stay a lot longer. Yeah, I want to be a published author, but believe me, finding a job that I really enjoy along with having a boss that I like working for and co-workers that aren’t stabbing everyone in the back is still wonderful. (No, I’m not kidding on the ‘co-workers that aren’t stabbing everyone in the back’ part. Not even remotely.)

You know, being someone who was defined as lazy and entitled by his own father (don’t worry, he never said it, I just know he thought it) I have to say that I am impressed with myself. I have come a long way in growing out of being the teenager who just wanted to sit at home and play Zelda all day. I have been hired for 9 different jobs. The shortest was three days, when I learned that it was a six-day a week job and not a five-day. I was with one company for six months. I had a job that I loved but had to leave due to something happening: twice. Regardless, making it through this has been awesome. And not once have I left my office thinking “I don’t want to come back ever again.” That’s what has made this job worthwhile.

But, I do intend to leave it. You know, that day when I’m as awesome as James Dashner and have a three-book deal and a five-book deal at the same time. Or the day that I’m as cool as Dan Wells and get to tour Europe because my book sells great there. But until then, I’m satisfied using my lunch time to work on my book and get to meet all these other awesome authors. Until then….

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


2 Responses

  1. What are you writing? I am very interested to know. 🙂

    • My book is a Young Adult Fantasy. The main logline I have going right now is: When a wizard kidnaps his sister and friends, 14-year old Eli steals a magical jewel that can help rescue them, only to discover that he has entered a dangerous world like the one in his favorite fantasy story.

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