Ten Books I Want to Write

What a random subject. Books I want to write….what it is, here are some books that I would love to write but until my current WIP is done and published, I’m really not going to get near. But here are ten books that I’ve thought about at some point during the last ten or so years. In no particular order I present the-books-that-I-wish-to-write-but-will-probably-never-see-existence. (I’m going to do my best to sum each one up in one sentence, followed by a setup paragraph. Great query letter writing practice.)

1. Malashi: (Pronounced: Ma-la-shee) When a political leader betrays his nation, someone has to come up with a plan to stop him. This is the first story I ever tried writing. I got the name of it when my dad’s bible was flipped open to Malachi. Somehow a story of rebellion and leadership ensued. Originally set like a mix between Star Wars and Power Rangers (I was 13 when I first tried it!) it’s turned away from cheesy and into interesting.

2: The Secrets of Ludlow Mansion: When a recently married couple move into an old western Washington home, they did not realize that the murder of a ten-year old took place there. My main character, the wife, begins seeing the ghost of this 10-year old and decides to help solve her murder. The wife’s investigation leads her into a dangerous conspiracy that someone wants to keep quiet.

3. The Ghost of My Girlfriend’s Father: (Title likely to change to something less cheesy.) Five years ago, Mr. Anderson died from a heart attack, but when his daughter’s boyfriend begins seeing his ghost, his ‘natural’ death looks anything but. This is a story that I’ve begun discussing as doing as a co-author with my friend Casey. We thought it’d be interesting to write it in two point of views. Originally, I came up with the idea before we discussed it. We may work on it. We may not. John May lives though. (Watch “V” if you don’t get it.) This story is one of my favorites as it has a supernatural element that is subtle.

4. A Time to Stop: With his family splitting apart, Ian Tolnay has figured out that controlling time is the only way to save everyone he loves. (This blurb has the approval of an editor with Deseret Book.) I’ve started this book already. After I finish with Eli I will probably get back to it and try to really write it. It’s one of my favorite ideas for the time-travel element.

5. 1313 Elm Street: Snowed in at their youth meeting, a group of teenagers, their religious leader, and a few others are trying to wait out the storm, until one of them winds up dead. A concept I had thought of well-over ten years ago, this story has strong potential to be a YA-horror in the ilk of Dan Wells. (Potential and reality are two separate things though.)

6. The Story of the Seekers: A nursery rhyme that everyone knows turns out to be a prophecy that Kali Ruln is trying to figure out how to interpret. I started writing this one once when Mary went to bed and I was watching the NCAA tourney (stupid USC! Why couldn’t you win that game?). It’s supposed to be high fantasy with magic, ‘new’ races and betrayal. (With all the betrayal stories I’m looking at, you’d think I was Brandon Mull.)

7. Finding the Bai Ze Tu: When one of the most dangerous dragons is released, Chin Yue-Ming decides he needs to seek out where the Bai Ze Tu (book of all 11,520 types of supernatural creatures, Wikipedia it). This one requires a lot of research. And in all honesty, I came up with the idea when I saw what Stacy Whitman’s Tu Books was looking for. But, like I said, I have a lot of research to do for this one. I want it as authentic as possible.

8. Middle Grade Theater: (Title will change.) One agent once stated she wanted to see a M.G. novel that took place in a theater. It’ll require a lot of plot and outline and a good strong character. But I think this one will be fun.

9. Tubby’s Bakery: (Not really sure on this, but here’s my original concept: ) Tobias “Tubby” Baker runs his own bakery, but when his business lawyer ends up dead, Tubby begins playing with his cop brother’s investigative instincts. This is supposed to be more of a fun/funny mystery than anything. I don’t know if it’d be along the line of the awesome Josi Kilpack’s Lemon Tart et al (which I haven’t read so I couldn’t tell you.) But I think this sounds like something funny. Who’s better than a fat baker with a proper French wife to solve a mystery?

10. The Biography of (Fill in blank with an author): Really, I’m not kidding. If I can be stalkerish for a little while, I would love to do biographies for well-known authors. I mean, if an author out there wants their story written and wants to fund me enough to be able to quit my job and ask invasive questions of their family, I don’t think I’d hesitate. Not that author’s lives are interesting: “I sat in my room and wrote and wrote and wrote….” but I can find a way to embellish them, I’m sure.

Anything up there pique your interest? Which one? When I have money to buy a book to give away on my blog, I will have to do that.

Oh, one I did not state was a book about:

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


3 Responses

  1. Sounds good, hope you get on to these soon.

  2. These look like so much fun! I had a blast posting possible ideas on my blog. I don’t know which one I’d choose. The Seeker one looked the best to me. great concept!

  3. What about San Buena?

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