Crazy Ideas

Have you ever had a craaaaaaaaaazy idea? I have. Shoot, all my books seem to stem from crazy ideas. Now that crazy can be defined as abnormal for some, insane for others, and so-disturbing-why-is-this-guy-not-seeing-a-psychologist for the rest. (FYI, I carpool with a nurse practitioner of psychiatric medicine. He thinks I’m fine.)

What would my craziest idea be? Well that would be Survivor: LDS Authors. Well, maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t.Yep, I’m going to continue with that wonderful idea that got me hated popular among LDS authors.  But as I’ve stated before, if I can find a way to force invite as many of those authors to enter my twisted “reality” world, I would totally host it. Shoot, I wouldn’t even need to host it. Given the fact that I hate the way my voice sounds, I’d opt for someone else to host it. And in all honesty, I know who I’d ask, if I truly didn’t host it. (Yes, that’s how twisted my mind is sometimes. It comes up with false realities quite easily.)  Yeah, anyway, I’d have to come up with awesome challenges, as well as awesome twists for Survivors to go through on their way to victory.

Any other crazy ideas that I’ve had? Yeah, but if I share too many of them, you may steal them.

Anyway, today has already been an odd day. I went to the dentist’s office for a pair of crowns (I guess they don’t go on my head) and the TV had the trailer for Eclipse playing. I almost screamed and ran away like a little girl. Well, I was given some wonderful Nitrous-Oxide for the pain, it also helped that the dentist was about to drill my teeth. I got to watch most of Ocean’s 11, because it’s a great movie. But, after I was all done, as I attempted to drive up to work, my radio became possessed by aliens and played Britney Spears “Hit Me Baby, One More Time.” I certainly couldn’t scream and run then. And no, because of the nitrous slowly leaving my system, I didn’t get a chance to turn the station since I making a lane change, getting off the freeway, turning, and getting my early lunch from McDonald’s. It was like the perfect time to play it so that I would want to die. My sister asked me what I did to throw off the word’s balance. I questioned whether a Blossom marathon was going to be on my TV when I get home.

Be sure to visit Sarah M. Eden’s blog tomorrow where I am the featured guest of her I Need Friends Fridays blog interview.

And until next time…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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