Loooooong Weekend

First, the most important thing to note: Because of David West’s “honorary” comment, I hit 300 comments to my blog. (Yeah, I make up about 10% of those, but still….it’s cool to me.) So, David wins free advertisement from me. First, you should all go check out David’s insightful blog. Then you should check out his book: Heroes of the Fallen (which I still need to buy.) So, since I haven’t read it yet and you’re probably wondering why I am recommending a book I haven’t read. Well, first, I want to read it. Yeah, it wasn’t on that list of ten books that I want to read. But you know what, I’m repenting and stating that it should have been. Because in all likelihood, I’ll end up reading it before I read most of those. It will replace Eddie Fantastic for now. And second (yeah, I started with a first), my good friend (well, someone I’ve met at least) Tamara Heiner, posted a great review about it here. So there you go, for being a little snide there (but I still like David and think he’s awesome), David accidentally won free advertisement.

So, anyway, moving on. It hasn’t exactly been an action packed weekend. But there were some highlights I’d like to share with you. Well, one in particular. And here’s the random story for it: Friday, I got an email from Borders for 40% off. Well, there were two books that I really wanted, both were by author Jim C. Hines. The first was Goblin Hero, the sequel to my favorite fantasy novel Goblin Quest. And then there was The Stepsister Scheme. I haven’t read it yet. But I think it sounds like a hilarious fantastical take on some well known fairy tales. I doubt Shrek holds a candle to it. (Of course, I may be eating my words when I finally read it after I finish the 2nd 13th Reality book by James Dashner, Rob Wells’ On Second Thought (which I’m reading for the second time), and maybe Sanderson’s Mistborn.) (Woah, I just did parenthesis in parenthesis.) Anyway, I convinced my wife that I needed to go buy a book. Well, we decide that we were going to go to the Borders in Murray.

Well, we were on our way out, and I noticed that Sarah Eden was doing a book signing at the nearby Seagull Book and Tape. Well, we went over to that store and had a good conversation that we continued to have during lunch at the Advertisement Factory, I mean, the Cheesecake Factory. (If you’ve eaten there, you know what I mean.) Sarah and I came up with a new job for people: Burger Painter. Anyway, it was just an awesome day for two reasons: I finally got to buy another Jim C. Hines book (which seems to have been more difficult than I would’ve liked) and I got to have lunch with an awesome author.

The next day, we went to my in-laws and spent the last two nights there. My children didn’t sleep well either night. We didn’t sleep well either night. But yeah, that’s normal right? I got a few words written in my book. Now I’m back to my regular job where I have to perform my month end duties for the next few days (yeah, odd to call it month end at the beginning of a month. But I don’t usually work in the current month until about the 8th or 9th it seems.) So yeah, that’s enough of this random post. Until next time…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


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  1. Thanks TJ. Now I really need you to read it and tell me what you think-hopefully Shrek doesn’t hold a candle to me either.

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