Proof I'm Still Californian

Ok, so I’m going to get off the writing kick for this post. I couldn’t resist this topic. First, I sent this link to my friend Casey (a fellow native Californian who moved out of the state, like me.) If you’re too cool to read it, let me tell you what it states. Supposedly there was a 2.7 quake in southern Salt Lake county followed by a ginormous 2.5 aftershock. Let me tell you: I was in So Cal when the Northridge 6.7 quake hit as well as its 5.6 aftershock later that morning and a 5.4 aftershock a few days later (something like that). I was in So Cal when the 8.2 hit San Francisco. Yeah, you could feel that one. I was there when a 6.2 or 6.3 quake hit the San Jose area. I remember many other small earthquakes that hit. Those were a lot milder…and all over 4.0. Let me tell you, the Northridge quake was scary. Very scary. It was 4:30 in the morning. I thought a robber was jumping on our roof and then my bed started shaking. I was on the top bunk. Quickly, I jumped down and yelled at my brother to join me in our door frame. (Just because an earthquake feels mild to begin with, doesn’t mean it ends that way.) But a 2.7 in comparison to the Northridge earthquake is like comparing a mild misty sprinkle to a tropical storm. So, Casey and I had a good laugh, as I hope you will, with our So Cal knowledge:

Casey: OMG. That quake. Are you guys ok?

Me: I don’t know. Still pretty shaken up by it. I’m not sure if I was feeling the quake or the hum of my computer at the time.

Casey: I’m glad nothing fell on your head.

Me: I know. It was touch and go. I thought a thumb tack moved. But I’m sure it was only slightly.

Casey: You’re lucky your chair didn’t roll you out of your cube.

Me: You know, I was already moving my chair at the time. But I was concerned that I could lose control.

Yes, it’s that serious everybody. Comments welcome about how mean we are. But just maybe, I’ll be abducted before I hear them.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


7 Responses

  1. You know…I think I felt it over here in Colorado…

  2. We had a really quick 3.7-ish the other day as I was typing away at my computer at work. My office is on the 5th floor and our building has rollers (this I know because a much larger quake last year had us feeling like we were on a boat long after the actual shaking had stopped). At any rate, this was a quick thump, as if something hit the building. It was over so quickly that I barely had time to say, “earthquake”. My boss, in the office next to me replied, “oh yeah”. We both kept working. She’s not from here but, again, it was over so quickly that you barely acknowledged what was happening and it was over.

    My favorite is when people from other states encounter earthquakes. The reactions are priceless.

  3. Absolutely, out-of-staters visiting/living earthquake prone California experiencing them for the first time have priceless reactions. I recall that quite vividly.

    A 3.7? Did a thumbtack move? Your mouse jump from under your hand? The keyboard move so you had typed ‘keg’ instead of ‘leg’?

  4. lol! I live just up the street from the apartment building where so many died when their building collapsed. We also had 75K damage to our house; cracked pool, baby grand into the wall, brick walls down, etc. Trying to gear up for the next one.

  5. […] I‘m a Californian that can take and mock 2.7 earthquakes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please read yesterday’s post along with […]

  6. The only way I realized there was an earthquake was the loud “boom” sound that the building made and the sway of the rollers. I was indeed typing but never missed a key.

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