Ten Random Ways I Feel Special

Come on, who doesn’t want a feel good moment? Especially when it comes to me. I mean, I’m such an awesome guy that when I’m happy and feeling good about myself, you should be happy and feeling good about yourself. Now, I’m not going to go with the mushy or lame answers to “why I’m special.” Those answers would start with “My mommy said so” and end with “My wife thinks I’m something.” Even though those are awesome and true, they’re not random answers. They’re traditional. Although with all those Hollywood divorces lately, my wife thinking I’m something may not be so normal.

So, in no particular order, ten random ways that make me feel good about myself.

1. Survivor: LDS Authors has been viewed about 500 times since it first posted on April 29th. There hasn’t been a week that has gone by that someone hasn’t come to see that post. The quick history of its success: I wrote it on April 29th and then asked–begged, whatever–Annette Lyon to read it. She called it “Awesome” (see, I can quote her) and said that she was going to share it with everyone she knew. Little did I know that she literally was going to share it with everyone she knew. I got over 200 hits to my blog that day, at least 180 of them to that specific post. The next day, it was written as a blog to visit on (Of course, I can’t seem to find it in the archives, but it was there.) Did I expect that? Nope, not at all. Not even remotely. I received another 150 visits that second day. A few days later, Howard Tayler surprised me by Tweeting it bringing in another 80 people. Between day 2 and when Howard tweeted I had received another 50 visits to it. After Howard tweeted about it, I’ve had at least 40 visits to it. That means that over 420 people have seen this blog. That makes me feel special.

2. Because of my Survivor: LDS Author fame, I felt cool enough to be able to ask Sarah Eden (who joined Josi Kilpack in a lot of awesome trash talk on my blog) to be interviewed for her I Need Friends Friday blog. The day after it posted, she told me that it had been viewed 90 times that first day alone and I’m sure has been visited a few days since. That blog post had more Josi trash talk (which is always awesome to read), references to chocolate and awesomesauce (from Annette Lyon and Elana Johnson respectively). But the best was my sister’s simple comment “TJ rules, period.” I think I’ll be printing that one off.

3. I‘m a Californian that can take and mock 2.7 earthquakes. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please read yesterday’s post along with all the wonderful comments in the section. Shoot, I wrote it and think it’s funny (which isn’t normal. Normal is I think I’m lame.)

4. I have written 2 books. Yeah, my first one sucked. It defines “book that should never be published.” I hope to go back and rewrite it one day. But until then, that book will just remain as ‘sucky’, which is fine. My second book, which I’m still working on, I’ve written 3 complete drafts and I’m about halfway through the 4th and final storyline draft. (I say storyline draft because all I intend to do after this point is revising specific things and not full chapters.)

5. I have won 2 books through blogs lately. From Graham Bradley, I won Century #1: Ring of Fire by Pierdomenico Baccalario. I haven’t received it yet, but I won it. Graham ran a cool contest seeking a location for his next book. I came up with Bowling Green, KY, which I think is awesome. I lost to none other than Sarah Eden. (So now I think I know how Josi feels always being second to Sarah.) I also won The Thorn by Daron Fraley through Duane Scott’s blog. That was pretty cool. I mean, I entered like a gazillion times and had Andrea Pearson promise that if she won it she’d give it to me.

6. Yesterday, my day was made when Sara Crowe of the Harvey Klinger Agency followed me on Twitter. Well, she still does. (I maintain it’s a mistake and that she either thinks I’m Shaun Hutchinson because of my Deathday Letter pic or someone hacked into her account.) I do know that she made a comment that said, “Just got a query email that begins, Yo, Sara. Um, no. Yo, please.” To which, I responded “Noted: agents don’t like ‘cute or catchy email openings.’ Wait, I’ve already done my homework and know that.” Well, I didn’t expect to be followed for such wit, but you know, I’ll take her as a follower. Just means that I have to be very careful with what I say since she is one of the agents I intend to query when I’ve finished revamping Eli the Thief. I’ll let her reject me and then go to the other two at her agency that I think would best represent my book. And if she doesn’t accept it, I’ll be querying other agents. One of them will be smart enough to ignore my arrogance and represent me.

7. For the last two weeks, I’ve spent time at the driving range. This is literally the most often that I’ve gone to golf courses. Makes me wish I picked up this overly expensive sport in high school. Anyway, I have hit the ball a few times and watched it go straight in front of me for at least 100 yards. How can you not feel good about yourself for that being an overly extreme novice golfer with clubs purchased at a thrift store.

8. Last night I got to interview Shaun Hutchinson (Note: this interview will be posted on Monday, the day that Shaun’s going to be skydiving and it is the day before his The Deathday Letter is going to be released.) Well, honestly, it was more a fun conversation with some random questions thrown in there. Shaun is a really cool guy who I have no idea how I started following him. I think it’s Google Reader’s fault, so Shaun can blame the powers behind Google. But, as I said, Shaun’s cool: he follows me on Twitter and we all know that cool people follow me on Twitter. Of course, he doesn’t think of himself as ‘cool’ as you’ll see in Monday’s post. (I know you’re all waiting with bated breath.)

9. I finally have a critique group. Life permitting (you know, like weather permitting, only with more possibilities), we will be holding our first meeting next Tuesday. I’m so very excited.

10. Ok, I’ve had a lot of non-mush ones. But this one, I think, is very important. Wednesday, I had to leave work early to take my daughter to the doctor. She was having some major pain in her hip. And when I say major, I mean she wouldn’t move, stand, situp, walk, etc. I had to force her into a dress to go to the doctors. Well, the doctor said there were three most likely possibilities, two of which were not good. So, in order to get a better diagnosis, we had to take her to the hospital for lab work and x-rays. While I was standing, holding her and waiting on the admitting clerk to go through her paperwork, Lizzie pulled her head up off my shoulder and said “I love you, Daddy.” Even though it’s still a few weeks before Father’s Day, that was most certainly the best present that she could have given me, hands down. As much as my mom thought/thinks I’m special (Note: past-tense used since she’s passed on), as much as my sister says I rule, as much as my wife loves and supports me in my crazy endeavors, for some reason, having my daughter tenderly tell me that she loves me in this quiet moment of her suffering…well…it ranks in one of the top 10 moments of my life.

What random way makes you feel special or good about yourself? (I use special because I’m too lazy to keep saying ‘good about my/yourself.) (And now I’m too lazy to go back and change and edit so now I’m wasting time and space.) What is something that has made your day so much better that you just can’t believe your life was that great before it? Was it learning that…

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


5 Responses

  1. Way to celebrate the good things in life!

    My day was made when Sarah Eden mentioned me in a blog post. Granted it was because I’m Canadian and that’s more an accident of birth than a personal virtue or anything, but still. Made me grin.

  2. oh, that is so sweet about your daughter!!!

    Good is when I get to talk to my husband. Good is when I hear back from agents…where are they???

  3. You are indeed special. I have to say that the very fact that you have finished two books, know one was a learning experience, and STILL be writing also labels you as special.

    (Hope your daughter’s okay!)

  4. Oh no, poor little baby – I hope she’s okay. You’ve gotta keep me up to date on that one.

  5. Despite your LDS Survivor fame, I can say, “I knew you when…” and then fill in the blank with something witty, er…snarky. Yes, snarky is a much better fit. 😀

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